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December 24, 2006


The New York Daily News lists its favorite CDs of the year.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune critics list their favorite concerts of the year.

The Miami Herald lists its favorite books of the year.

The Contra Costa Times lists last-minute graphic novel holiday gift ideas.

Harp lists history's harpists that preceded Joanna Newsom.

Heart on a Stick is aggregating blogger 2006 year-end album lists and posting the results.

Comic Book Resources lists the year's top ten comics (they didn't read).

Popmatters examines the limitations of year-end music lists.

Chris Funk of the Decemberists discusses the band's name with JamBase.

"The name partially comes from a Russian revolutionary group called the Decembrists. We spelled it differently because we didn't want to piss off anyone with an affiliation with that group. The name also implies a maudlin time of year, and that's why we spelled it more like the month of December. Our first record was more like that feeling - Red House Painters-like if you will, mellower and quieter. Now it just means my band. I'll let you know in 10 years what it really means [laughs]."

Simon Reynolds lists his "favorite individual pieces of music of 2006."

The Seattle Public Library lists mysteries set in the city.

A conversation on the mp3 bloggers board at made me think about the pile of music CDs I have laying around the house. Usually, I try to match the discs I don't plan to keep with friends and family who are a good sonic fit. Still, I have many discs that are beginning to crowd our small house. Luckily, there are a couple of organizations that will gladly take your used discs as donations for good causes.

Discs for Dogs sends proceeds from the sale of the CDs you donate to a local SPCA chapter, and will even reimburse you for your shipping cost (or donate that much extra to their worthy cause).

Eco Encore sells contributed CDs and shares the proceeds with Puget Sound environmental organizations.

If anyone knows of any more charitable organizations that accept CDs as donations, please e-mail me or leave a comment.

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