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December 20, 2006

Wednesday's 2006 Year-end Music Lists Update

Today's 2006 best music lists (see also: the master list of 2006 online music lists): (best punk albums)
All The Trees of The Field Will Clap Their Hands (favorite albums)
All You Need Is Hops (top albums)
Analog Giant (albums)
Berkeley Place (top albums)
Bob Dollop (albums, singles)
Britt Daniel (Spoon) for Filter (top albums)
Brooklynvegan (favorite albums)
Carlski's Gig Blog (top albums)
Chartattack (overlooked albums)
Chattanooga Pulse (top albums)
Chattanooga Pulse (top local albums)
Chris Walker Versus (top albums)
CMT (favorite bluegrass albums)
Covalent Bond (best indie albums)
Crazy Talk! (favorite albums)
Cross Rhythms (best songs)
cuadra tecnica (albums)
Dunkfu (worst albums) (top albums)
emoglasses (top albums)
Exploration of Music (top albums)
Extrawack! (top albums)
Fake Palindromes (top albums)
Feed Me Good Tunes' (songs)
Finding New Music (top albums)
The Forty-Nine Percenter (best albums)
Free Time at Work (top albums)
Gav's Space (albums)
Glam-Racket (albums)
Gold Soundz (top albums)
Gridface (top albums)
Guitar Media (top albums)
Heinously Awkward in Ann Arbor (top songs)
Hit Chaser (best pop albums)
International Geographic (favorite albums)
Isobel Campbell for Filter (top albums)
Left of the Dial (best albums)
The Listening Booth (albums)
Loose Staff (albums)
Lycanthropy (top songs)
Medialoper (top albums)
MEEPr (top albums)
Miles Rausch (best albums)
Murder by Death for Filter (top albums)
The Music Box (top albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best albums)
Nani Lea-hi (favorite albums)
Nosquare (top albums)
One Louder - Paul (favorite albums, singles)
An Overture of Constant Debacle (best albums)
Papyrophobia (favorite albums)
Pitchfork (top albums)
Pitchfork staff (top albums)
Popmatters (folk albums)
Popmatters (best singer-songwriter albums)
Pretentious Music Society (albums)
a quick word from the far side of the galaxy (top songs)
Rainy Days (top albums)
Random Thoughts (albums)
Rick Lee (best albums)
Rob Crow (Pinback) for Filter (top albums)
Sad Paradise (favorite albums, songs)
sadasdostoeyevsky (best albums)
Scoring at Home (favorite albums)
Scott Freeman (best albums, ongoing)
Seattle Gay Blog (albums, singles)
Self Indulgent Blog (albums)
silverboymi (top albums) (favorite songs)
Stop Going to Shows (albums)
THIS magazine (top albums)
Thus Spake Drake (best albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (songs)
to die by your side (favorite albums)
Tosy and Cosh (albums)
Tracyanne Campbell (Camera Obscura) for Filter (top albums)
Turbo Croutons Unite! (favorite albums)
Twangville (alt-country and Americana songs)
Twangville (folk songs)
uberblee (top albums)
Verbum Ipsum (top albums)
Vic Spanner for Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (best albums)
WFMU - Joe Belock (top albums)
WFUV staff (best albums)
WFUV - various musicians (top albums)
WHAS (best Latin albums)
WHUDAHeXUP (best albums)
WHUDAHeXUP (best songs) (albums, songs)
WXPN - Roger LeMay (top albums)
You Set the Scene (Hipster/Music Snob Records that Didn't Resonate With Me)
Zilla Says (best hip hop albums)

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