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January 28, 2007


Enter the Largehearted Boy 5th anniversary "50 for 5" contest, and win 50 albums or 5 graphic novels, entries close at midnight, central time tonight.

The Chicago Sun-Times interviews director/actor Kevin Smith.

You were one of the first indie directors. Any advice for aspiring auteurs out there?

Just be glad that they put cameras in the hands of idiots like me. Now we have You Tube and any idiot can become a director. It's sad that more people see clips on You Tube than see my movies. But maybe You Tube is better. I still have young directors ask me, "What should I do to get into the business?" My advice: Go make "Clerks." That's what I did.

The Age profiles singer-songwriter Lee Hazlewood.

The Toledo Blade suggests graphic novels suitable for children.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah drummer Sean Greenhalgh talks to the New York Post.

"The reason that we decided to continue to do it ourselves is really economic as much as anything else," Sean Greenhalgh, the band's drummer, told The Post last week, ahead of the Jan. 30 drop of the band's second CD, "Some Loud Thunder."

"We make more money doing it ourselves than we would with a label," he said.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review adds to the list of "demise of the album" stories.

Singer-songwriter Rickie Lee Jones talks to the Boston Globe.

"When I started doing the jazz and cover tunes after the singer-songwriter thing, it was confusing for people," Jones says. "I blurred my image, and there's a price to pay. And without a powerful machine to market me, my image has become more and more obscure."

DigitalDreamDoor lists the top rock/pop artists of the 1980's.

Harp interviews Craig Finn of the Hold Steady.

HARP: Boys and Girls in America is Harp’s CD of the Year. The burning rock n’ roll question, Craig Finn, is “How do you feeeeeel?!”

It’s amazing. It’s overwhelming in a lot of ways. You’re just excited when you get through to people. The exciting thing for me, as the lyricist, is I think people understood what I was trying to say on the record.

The Malaysia Star reviews Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel, Chicken with Plums.

Although Chicken with Plums slips from poignancy into self-pity at times, it is a well-told story of a flawed man struggling to reconcile his desires with his responsibilities. The ending is almost marvellous in its simplicity, answering questions raised in the beginning of the book, and at the same time leaving more unanswered.

Triple J celebrated Australia Day Friday by counting down the top 100 songs.

In the Seattle Times, books editor Mary Ann Gwinn discusses being on the board of directors of the National Book Critics Circle.

The "vote" couldn't be simpler. Anyone could talk (and did), but only committee members could vote in each category. We wrote down our five preferred titles in each category on little white sheets of paper, folded them up and gave them to the book editor of the Chicago Tribune (I kept thinking of student-council-president elections). She and the NBCC president took the little pieces of paper away and tallied the vote. Invariably one or two books would get a lot of votes.

NPR's All Things Considered interviews author Norman Mailer about his fictional Adolph Hitler biography, The Castle in the Forest, and includes an excerpt from the book.

NPR's Weekend Edition talks to the composers who write the music for NFL Films.

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