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January 30, 2007


Singer-songwriter Jesse Sykes talks to Harp.

“I’m noticing an almost emotional McCarthyism,” she says. “If you wear your heart on your sleeve and you don’t have a problem expressing your emotions, people are pretty freaked out by that. I feel like it’s almost as bad to be called an intense person now, as it was once to be called a Communist.”

The McGill Tribune takes aim at listmakers.

Unfortunately, I find that the need to rank and choose isn't restricted to big-budget glossies or fans of High Fidelity. Whenever I introduce myself to someone as an English literature major, I am inevitably asked, "What is your favourite book?" or, "Who is your favourite author?" I despise these questions. The fact is, I have no favourite book and I have no favourite author, nor do I have a favourite band, a favourite movie or a favourite television show. Indeed, I don't think I really have a favourite anything.

Reason examines the "fan fiction phenomena."

Popmatters interviews author Walter Mosley about his new book, Killing Johnny Fry.

“I think of this book as being in the tradition of Camus’ The Stranger,” Mosley tells PopMatters. “I’m talking about loneliness, the moment when existentialism and mid-life come into contact with each other, the aloneness of people in America, the deep melancholy of America and the deep feelings of sexuality in all of our lives.”

Tiny Mix Tapes has spring US tour dates for John Vanderslice.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette previews Monday's appearance of authors Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman.

Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman -- novelists, parents and America's best-known husband-and-wife writing team since Henry and Clare Boothe Luce -- are attracting a crowd for their appearance here Monday.

The Guardian's books blog wonders if novels have become the soap operas of the middle class.

We can all sense the powerful peer pressures at work. The reading classes can't admit to watching TV soaps, instead they talk about novels ... especially the popular ones suggested by said high culture's critics or conveniently packaged up by literary prizes and, even better, join the boom in reading groups and clubs.

NPR's All Things Considered reviews the new album by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Some Loud Thunder.

No Love for Ned's streaming weekly radio show features an in-studio performance from Dodo Bird this week.

Daytrotter's Monday session features the Elected.

Status Ain't Hood profiles the career of Pretty Girls Make Graves, who just broke up.

Singer-songwriter Laura Gibson continues her tour diary in Portland's Local Cut.

Author David Foster Wallace has a new short story in the New Yorker.

Drowned in Sound has a podcast interview with the Klaxons.

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