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January 3, 2007


The master list of 2006 online music lists will be updated today.

GBV Radio is temporarily down due to hardware issues, I'll have it running again in about a week.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recaps the year in comics and graphic novels.

The New York Sun reviews the new Martin Amis novel, House of Meetings.

Even in outline, the bad faith of this plot is unmistakable. By turning the experience of prisoners in an Arctic labor camp into a romantic melodrama, Mr. Amis falsifies history in exactly the same way as a Hollywood screenwriter might: He replaces strangeness with familiarity, suffering with excitement, the reality of evil with a dream of love. It is plainly incredible that either brother, after a decade of physical and mental torture, could keep up their rivalry over Zoya; they would have had enough to do trying to stay alive.

Virtual Festivals previews acts that will make their UK music festival debuts this year.

The Comics Reporter offers a comprehensive list of "best comics of 2006 list."

Singer-songwriter Alice Peacock plays an in-studio performance at Minnesota Public Radio.

Cracked lists the 10 most dead people of 2006.

NPR's "Song of the Day" is Tom Waits' "Lie to Me."

Scritti Politti performs on WXPN's World Cafe.

At Scatter O' Light, Caryn from Jukebox Graduate lists her favorite music biographies.

Pit Er Pat drummer Butchy Fuego talks to Newcity Chicago about recording the band's latest album, Pyramids.

"It was pretty crazy. It was half-improvised. We had kind of written the stuff and we were able to incorporate [improvisation] into the recording process," Fuego explains. "We wanted to record something that had a real immediate feeling to it."

Singer-songwriter Melissa Ferrick talks to Boston's Phoenix.

"Lately I’ve been focused on trying to write something everyday, more focused on getting inside — more dream writing, more existential thinking, more about viewing the world instead of just talking about my own effect on it."

The Village Voice wraps up last quarter's batch of album releases.

Justin Rice of Bishop Allen discusses the band's 12 EP releases of 2006 with the Village Voice.

"When you force yourself to write, record, and release 48 new songs in a year, you can't be so rigid or have just one idea," Rice says. "You always have to be changing what you think, trying to renew your interest and find a new perspective. It's been, like, endless exploration."

The Walker Arts Center's blog offers a collection of local lists, including Rex Sorgatz (of Fimoculous) listing "15 things I didn't realize I'd miss about Minneapolis (with only one slander of Garrison Keillor)."

6. That Ashbery poem that runs along the top of the Walker bridge. Showing it to a girl on a first date is pure gold.

Comic Book Commentary lists the best comics and graphic novels of 2006.

Wikipedia lists bands who disbanded in 2006.

IGN lists the ten top hangover songs.

I missed this last year, but Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces shared a pizza recipe with Instructables.

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