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January 8, 2007


Popmatters lists the most disappointing films of 2006.

David Crosby talks to the Australian about the role of musicians in society (and on stage).

"We got a reaction all right," he says. "It's a funny thing, though, because this country is very polarised right now about the war. It's part of our job to be musicians and just to rock it, just to boogie ... that's part of the gig. But it's another part of our job to be the troubadour, the town crier."

Crosby's first chose to sing out and speak out in a political fashion during the Vietnam War, just as his career was taking off in the late 1960s. "I feel the same now as I did then," he says. "War is a dumb way to solve your problems."

The OC Register crowns My Morning Jacket "the new Southern kings of rock."

Many ardent fans and pseudo-musicologists like me are quick to install these guys in the pantheon of all-time greats – and I don't completely disagree that they belong. It's just premature; they've only reached this plateau, and more amazing music seems inevitable.

Atomic Books (an LHB sponsor) has announced the books for their "Shank Reading Club" this year.

At Minnesota Public Radio, polar explorer Ann Bancroft discusses the impact of Annie Dillard's collection of essays, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, has had on her life.

For the bittorrent-challenged, The Owl & The Bear has added several direct download lossless live shows.

NPR's Weekend Edition examines recent fiction written with business or economic themes.

The Independent examines how music downloads are impacting the UK singles charts.

He said: "The charts will now offer a much broader representation of the nation's music tastes. January is always the quietest month for singles sales so these older songs are benefiting from that. But old releases are likely to feature heavily from now on. The nature of the charts is changing entirely."

The Independent chooses David Bowie's finest moments on the musician's 60th birthday.

Dissident Voice lists "ten musical reasons to be cheerful in 2007."

CVG lists the worst videogame endings ever.

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