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January 9, 2007


Dallas Good of the Sadies talks to the Edmonton Journal about the band's next album.

"There's another song from the session that I feel it'll sound better if my uncle Larry plays banjo on it. But we don't have to commit to Howe or uncle Larry. We're just trying it. We have the time to try this. It's the one benefit of putting out two records in three months. It buys you a little bit of time."

The A.V. Club interviews hip hop artist EL-P.

AVC: Who are five mainstream rappers that you respect?

EP: That I respect? Jay-Z, Nas, Redman, Ghostface, OutKast, Eminem, should I go on? There's tons. I don't draw those lines, I really don't. Within that criteria of mine, I don't give a f*ck if you're independent or major or anything like that. A good rapper is a good rapper, a good album is a good album.

The Vail Trail lists the best books of 2006.

The Boston Globe profiles the most anticipated books of 2007.

The Boston Herald lists the best iPod accessories of 2006.

Naropa University is holding a Kerouac Festival this summer.

El Perro Del Mar plays an in-studio performance at WXPN's World Cafe.

Joanna Newsom's "Emily" is NPR's Song of the Day.

"Emily" is like an amble down a twisting, mysterious country road, with Newsom as an eccentric mountain-girl guide. But it's a road worth traveling, regardless of where it may lead next.

Albert Hammond Jr. talks to the Village Voice about his solo album, Yours to Keep.

"I didn't wanna come out with a record and have it be like, 'Guy From Band Makes Something!' " he says, adopting a booming newspaper-headline voice. "I don't like that vibe. I kind of wanted to let it build and have people hear about it more through word of mouth—through the MySpace thing or me playing a live show. I just like making music, and the most refreshing way to do that is to put it out and go play shows."

The Q Daily calls 2006 the best year ever for British music.

Bookslut again amazes with its January edition. Included are interviews with Gabrielle Bell, Tim Sandlin, and Rachel Manija.

The Daily Scotsman profiles Edinburgh's "One Book - One Edinburgh" experiment.

NPR profiles web sites "making music for your ears," incliding, Pandora, and the Hype Machine.

The Atlantic examines the online "digital-music mosh pit."

Most of us are only now starting to unlock the potential of our iPods, but the pace of change in the digital-music sphere is such that even the pleasures of spinning the wheels on our nanos will soon seem old hat. As I’m writing this, I’m playing a Flash-based MP3 blog extractor called Hype Machine. It’s a simple Web-based application that sucks songs mentioned in music blogs into an Internet radio stream. I just heard a new Neil Young track segue into an awesome club banger by a rapper named Milano. Now it’s playing an electro-tastic Modeselektor remix of “Dial Zero” by My Robot Friend. Clicking on “read blog post,” I was taken to a blog named “ill-ec-tro-nic” that told me more about the track and others like it—plus where to buy it.

Notelay lists the 50 most notable writers.

The Torture Garden lists their top 58 songs of 2006.

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