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January 13, 2007


Author Neal Pollack talks to the Boston Globe about his book, Alternadad.

"I had to try to retain my sense of humor while doing it, because I think one of the problems that plagues many memoirs is this self-importance and self-seriousness," he says. "I tried really hard in my book to keep that at bay . . . to keep it in perspective that I'm just another [guy] trying to raise his kid."

Radar Online also interviews Pollack.

Every week there seems to be a new story in the New York Times Styles section about hipster parents.

I've kind of got hipster parent overload myself, and I've got a frickin' book coming out about it. I'm sure people are getting sick of it. It's funny, I didn't see it coming. I was living down in Austin, but even there I guess I saw little signs. There was a pizza parlor that hosted a kids' "Can You Draw Morrissey?" contest.

Producer Nigel Godrich talks to NPR's Weekend Edition about his music show, From the Basement, and its attempt to "save the music video from a commercial death."

"That's the kind of thing I feel is missing from these days from the whole kind of boom of MTV and youth television that's spawned from it. It's no longer so much about music and performance. It's just more about jerking your audience into watching and occupying their brains with as much as possible that's not the actual music," says Godrich.

Musician Art Garfunkel has listed every book he has ever read on his website, in chronological order.

Splash Panel lists the best graphic novels of 2006.

The Australian reviews two of my favorite graphic novels from last year, Alison Bechdel's Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic and Marjane Satrapi's Chicken With Plums.

Kathryn Yu celebrates Rock Central Plaza's "My Children, Be Joyful" for NPR's Song of the Day.

Fans of Neutral Milk Hotel and The Decemberists ought to find much to admire in the band's lush instrumentation, not to mention Chris Eaton's slightly deranged, emotive vocals.

WXPN is streaming a live performance by singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith.

Pinback's Rob Crow talks to Billboard about the band's next album.

"This one is probably more of a departure than anything we've done," Crow tells "It's unexpectedly 'up,' perhaps. It seems a bit more like a band is playing than any of the other ones. It could be the tightest we've had, actually." For the first time, the band has also handed over artwork duties to a friend named Mike who Crow describes as "this crazy dude. We're really excited."

IGN lists rap music's 25 "most representative albums."

The Village Voice reviews Userlands: New Fiction Writers From the Blogging Underground, a short fiction anthology.

Cooper's anthology may ultimately prove that serious fiction still longs for the confines of a printed page, but it does highlight a significant trend: writers using the Internet to hone their craft.

The University of Western Ontario Gazette previews the most anticipated music releases of 2007.

Screenhead lists the hardest novels to film.

Newsweek wonders if violent videogames can be considered art.

The Austin Chronicle lists their top five mp3 blogs.

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