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January 23, 2007


Don't forget to enter the Largehearted Boy 5th anniversary "50 for 5" contest, and win 50 albums or 5 graphic novels.

The A.V. Club discusses future inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (and those who will never be inducted).

Stylus examines the influence independent PR machines have on "blog buzz."

Ireland's Event Guide interviews Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond.

How did your parents take it when you told them you were giving up opera to hang out in bars with people who don’t wash their hair?

I’ve had to educate my parents about certain things, but, thankfully, I didn’t grow up with boundaries between different genres of music. My parents don’t think about music in that way, and I think that they would have been supportive, no mattered what I’d chosen to do. There is the odd problem – like someone might post something rude on MySpace, and when mum sees this foul language, she phones me immediately to tell me that I have to take it down. Okay, my mum patrols the internet for me. “I just can’t believe that people…”

Actor David Koechner puts his iPod on shuffle for the A.V. Club.

Lou Reed, "Dirty Blvd."

DK: I tell you, I love this album. I love this song, and I remember when this came out. It got a little bit of airplay—which isn't always going to happen with Lou Reed—on the alternative stations, but never on the mainstream ones. Everyone knows him for one song ["Walk On The Wild Side"], and there's just so much more. His entire library is fantastic, and what an amazing influence on everybody.

(I wholeheartedly agree)

The Korea Herald examines the rise in popularity of Japanese fiction in South Korea.

Touch and Go Records has set up a web series of videos for its 25th anniversary party, held last summer.

At the Morning News, Andrew Womack lists his top ten albums of 1978.

No Love For Ned has Peter and the Wolf in the studio for this week's streaming radio show.

Author Mark Harris talks to NPR's Fresh Air about his book, Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial.

Kottke Komments allows comments on all of Kottke's posts.

Entertainment Weekly, the Houston Chronicle, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Stuff, and Austin360 review the new Shins album, Wincing the Night Away.

A tribute to Pixies/Breeders/Amps bassist/guitarist/vocalist Kim Deal will be titled Gigantic.

Status Ain't Hood offers a historical perspective on the one-off Rage Against the Machine reunion at Coachella, and offers suggestions for other bands to reunite for the festival.

The New York Times profiles long-time Random House editor Robert Loomis.

AfterEllen interviews Girlyman.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer lists this year's winners of the Americal Library Awards (including the Newbery and Caldecott).

Singer-songwriter Laura Gibson writes in Portland's Local Cut about her recent Los Angeles performance.

BooksForKidsBlog is written by a former elementary librarian.

KarateParty lists the 100 worst martial arts movie names.

Mathematics professor Richard Zucker has collected math songs for download.

SXSW has set up a new mobile site for the conference. [via]

CMJ's staff blog examines the usefulness of using Griffin's iTalk iPod microphone to record music.

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