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February 27, 2007

Daily Downloads - Fresh Cherries From Yakima

Fresh Cherries From Yakima, the solo project of singer-songwriter Douglas Martin, has decided to make its debut album, Buttons for North Caroline, available as a free and legal download. I have been a fan of Martin's songwriting for several years (as well as his blogging). If you enjoy the album, please help spread the word about this singer-songwriter with a lo-fi aesthetic.

In his own words, Douglas Martin introduces the album and the individual songs:

salutations, ladies and gentlemen. i'm douglas martin, singer/songwriter/virtually everything else for fresh cherries from yakima. the entirety of my debut album, "buttons for north caroline," was recorded in the bedroom of my apartment on a computer i bought for four-hundred dollars, culled from songs written as early as summer 2004, with recording officially rounding completion sometime in november of last year. being as though i'm a tiny, homespun act who hasn't played a single live show yet, i've been diligently saving a few dollars here and there to self-release the record. well, the high rents/living expenses here in seattle aren't letting up at all, so my original plan to release the album in spring has been sadly delayed to late summer/early fall. however, since i really want all of you to hear it right now, my good friend largehearted boy has come up with a plan: make EVERY TRACK from the album available on this lovely blog. if you have a bad case of the mondays this morning, i hope this cures it.

gracias para escuchando,
douglas martin

p.s. if concept albums make you cringe, hit the "back" button on your browser now.

track one: "sailor hats and cigarettes" [mp3]
the main character of the story, referred to as "mr. sailor," stumbles into an unnamed landlocked town, surveying the architecture and wishing he had an umbrella.

track two: "whiskey and warhol" [mp3]
sung from the perspective of the title character, "north caroline" describes herself as the cream of the crop as far as artists go in her little town, and we all know how hipsters love to refer to themselves as artists, present company included.

track three: "flood party" [mp3]
so, in landlocked towns, when it rains and rains and there's really nowhere for the rain to go, it naturally causes a flood. i'm sorry for insulting your intellegence, but it sounded like a good lead-in sentence. anyhow, mr. sailor stumbles onto an event which is--once again, insulting your intellegence-- a flood party, where kids meet at a friend, aquaintance, or some random dude's house, and drink themselves stupid in a candlelit house.

track four: "north caroline: suite one" [mp3]
after three whole songs, mr. sailor and caroline finally cross paths. and it's pretty needless to say that they enjoy each other's company.

track five: "unofficial theme of the suicide girls" [mp3]
apparently, underneath north caroline's black hoodie, there are some pretty awesome tattoos. mr. sailor goes into a daydream where his lady is being photographed in a suicide girls photo shoot.

track six: "bailey was a serial killer (part two)" [mp3]
taking a break from the story of mr. sailor and north caroline, we are introduced to a beautiful girl who really likes killing tattooed boys. this, the abridged version of the murder, is sung from the most recent victim's perspective.

track seven: "bailey was a serial killer" [mp3]
this is the detailed account of the unnamed victim's meeting with bailey, and subsequent bloody death, sung in third person.

track eight: "don't mind me, i'm just unconscious" [mp3]
this track finds mr. sailor not quite in daydream mode, but actually dreaming.

track nine: "japanese pears" [mp3]
without giving too much away, this song sort of ties everything together. all i can say is that it involves a car and a flask.

track ten: "north caroline: suite two" [mp3]
someone's in the hospital.

track eleven: "good morning, stranger" [mp3]
i'm going let you, the listener, draw your own conclusion to the narrative. this part can be taken a few different ways, and none of them are really wrong.

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