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February 24, 2007


Wilco's John Stirratt talks to the Kansas City Star about his other band, the Autumn Defense.

“I’ve been writing around this style for a long time,” Stirratt said. “It’s the one thing that feels comfortable to me. It’s what I’ve gravitated toward — folk-pop and mid-period Byrds.”

The gentle sound of “Autumn Defense” is partly a response to Wilco’s increasingly experimental and often dissonant direction.

“The general quietness of Autumn Defense is a bit of a refuge,” Stirratt said. “Pat and I just didn’t want to hear loud electric guitars. We wanted to work outside of that.”

The Arcade Fire's Win Butler talks to the Globe and Mail.

"You know those TV commercials for those 1950s Greatest Hits CDs where they're like, 'You can almost taste the malted milkshake?' It's true. You can hear a song and be transported back to where you were when you first heard it. I don't know how or why that works."

JamBase profiles Backyard Tire Fire.

Just a few years old, Backyard Tire Fire has the feel of a genuine classic. They have the dusty abandon of Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Guess Who's knack for beefy pop, XTC's craftsmanship, and the universal bonhomie of Tom Petty.

The Kansas City Star remembers Kirk Rundstrom, best known as guitar player for Split Lip Rayfield.

The New York Times has posted the latest chapter of Michael Chabon's serial novel, Gentlemen of the Road. members selected their top 100 punk bands,

Pop Candy is reporting the happenings from NY Comic Con.

Wikipedia lists women in comics.

IGN lists the top 25 prog rock albums.

NPR is streaming yesterday's Son Volt in-studio performance at WXPN's World cafe.

Author Chuck Klosterman talks to Minnesota Public Radio about "Britney Spears and how Nickelback is the new Soundgarden."

see also: Klosterman's Largehearted Boy Book Notes contributions for his books Chuck Klosterman IV and Killing Yourself to Live.

WXPN's World Cafe profiles singer-songwriter Beck.

Dean and Britta talk to the Village Voice about their post-Luna career.

"We could have kept making Luna records, but the world doesn't need 15 of those," Dean says. "We're a little closer to this record, but really, you don't know who's going to get exposed to it. There's a lot of luck and timing involved."

Synthesis interviews singer-songwriter Jeremy Enigk.

The multi-talented Nick Cave talks to the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I don't really do Japanese interviews. I don't think there's much call for me in Japan," he offers casually. "They used to love me in Japan and then I did the record with Kylie [Minogue, who joined him on Where the Wild Roses Grow from the Murder Ballads album] and I think that they never forgave me. I got letters from young girls saying, 'We used to love you but now we don't because you did song with Kyrie. We hate Kyrie.' "

!!!'s Nic Offer talks to Japan's Daily Yomiuri.

With !!!'s George Clinton/Gang of Four-influenced punk-funk, electroclash dub, many of the people attending those shows might have found themselves a bit taken aback by the pairing with the Chili Peppers--a sentiment echoed by the eight-piece band itself.

"When we started [out], that was not what we were trying to do. When we would tell people we were playing funk, they would be like, 'You mean like the Chili Peppers?' And we would be like, 'No, not like the Chili Peppers.' [But the tour] was an experience for us, and it was a trip as well."

NPR's All Things Considered profiles singer-songwriter Erin McKeown.

The Associated Press profiles Seattle Mariners pitcher Miguel Batista, who is currently working on his second novel.

This month, he is researching his second novel, about scientists and specialists who have been called to Washington, D.C., and to the United Nations to repair a secret government project. The project has gone horribly wrong and is threatening to "bring Armageddon to the world behind the scenes,'' Batista said.

Popmatters examines the genius of singer-songwriter Randy Newman.

To the minority, Newman is something else entirely, something darker, funnier, and more morally complicated than any Disney film could ever indicate. Newman’s solo albums (the bulk and best of which were released between 1968 and 1979, before his film work took professional priority) are populated by racists, drunkards, stalkers, atheists, social rejects, romantic dilettantes, cruel fathers and crueler sons, and people who swear that their intentions are good when they’re so obviously not. His music, which rarely wanders far from New Orleans R&B, ragtime, or Brill Building pop, is the stuff of familiarity and comfort, an unassuming foundation of Americana into which subversive (confrontational, even) ideas can be planted.

The Los Angeles Times reviews the Library of America's edition of Saul Bellow's Novels: 1956-1964.

Watch Deerhoof's performance on the children's show, Pancake Mountain.

Be sure to check out the Pancake Mountain archives, with performances by the Arcade Fire, the Fiery Furnaces, Bright Eyes, Ted Leo, and many more indie artists.

Porn star Jenna Jameson lists the 69 sexiest songs for AOL Music.

Emo Corner is "the BIGGEST emo site ever."

Members of the Hold Steady talk to Drowned in Sound.

“You’ll see us again in the spring, that’s a safe bet. Now that we’re doing more over here, I’m trying to find a soccer team to support to help pass time between soundchecks and shows.”

After an unsuccessful few minutes of DiS trying to sell Liverpool, Finn looks up: “Hey, if you’re feeling the same way about baseball, might I recommend the Minnesota Twins?”

The perfect St. Patrick's Day present: iBreath® iPod Alcohol Breathalyzer with Integrated FM Wireless Transmitter.

Ed Champion has assembled a team of authors and bloggers (myself, Nick Antosca, and Tao Lin included) to liveblog the Oscars tomorrow night.

Filles Sourires is a music blog featuring music by female singers singing in French, and featured both the Arcade Fire and Belle & Sebastian covering France Gall's Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son (via).

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