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March 3, 2007


Members of the Arcade Fire talk to the Ottawa Citizen.

Author Daniel Handler talks to the Toronto Sun about children's literature.

“I am absolutely reading to him. And I can’t say I’m shocked by the quality of the books out there, because I already thought children’s literature was bad. But I am depressed by it.

“What’s particularly depressing is when my son prefers a book that’s completely horrible. Some of the books he really likes, I really like as well, but there are certain books I won’t have in the house, that I’ll only check out from the library, because then I can say ‘Well, it had to go back.’”

The New York Times examines the surprising criticism of recent atheism books, The God Delusion and Letter to a Christian Nation, by avowed atheists.

Chapter 6 of Michael Chabon's serial novel, Gentlemen of the Road, is online at the New York Times.

The Seattle Times reviews recently published young adult novels.

IGN recaps their top 25 album lists to date.

Aqualung plays an in-studio performance at Minnesota Public Radio.

WXPN features an in-studio performance by singer-songwriter Patty Griffin.

My Latest Novel's Gary Deveney talks to the Scotsman.

Bryan Ferry talks to the Telegraph about his upcoming album of Dylan covers.

"Oh, I didn't like Dylan at all when I first heard him," Ferry admits. "I was a Northern soul boy, into mohair suits, electric guitars, horn sections, Otis Redding and Stax. Dylan was too, dare I say, white for my taste."

Medialoper lists 207 of the greatest indie rock songs of all time.

CommonDreams attended Kurt Vonnegut's speech at Ohio State.

A key to great writing, he adds, is to “never use semi-colons. What are they good for? What are you supposed to do with them? You’re reading along, and then suddenly, there it is. What does it mean? All semi-colons do is suggest you’ve been to college.”

Deerhoof's John Dieterich has posted a guest mix at OLO Radio.

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