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March 5, 2007


The Louisville Courier Journal interviews author Scott McCloud about the "power of comics."

Q. Why are comics important for life?

A. They pack something down to its essence. Cartooning is really powerful, partially because the images in cartoons are a little bit like the way our memory works. Our memory works in a very symbolic way. We tend to remember faces and ideas as just a few symbolic images in our mind. Cartoons work that way. We're more likely, with cartoon characters, to get inside their heads. They allow for our imaginations to fill in the blanks.

Stylus describes Manchester with a 20 song music mix.

Son Volt's Jay Farrar talks to the Hartford Courant.

"With `Okemah and the Melody of Riot,' I was just happy to be getting the band back together, and it seemed like the focus was more on electric-guitar-oriented songs," Farrar says. "This time around, I got an earlier start on the writing, so I had more songs to work with. I think that allowed for things to widen in scope a little bit: I had written quite a few songs on piano this time. I knew going into it that I didn't necessarily want it to be similar in sound to `Okemah.'"

The Victoria Times Colonist lists "rock docs to roll with."

Wilco's John Stirratt talks to the DePaulia about his other band, the Autumn Defense.

"We’ve been doing The Autumn Defense for eight years. When we were making our first record, we were just making a record. It never felt like a side project to us, it just felt like a project," Sansone said. "When we’re making the record and singing the songs, it doesn’t feel like there’s anything ‘side’ about it."

The Daily Scotsman lists the top 20 Scottish gigs of all time.

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