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April 2, 2007


Jonathan Lethem talks to about his new novel, You Don't Love Me Yet.

"That's the funny thing; people keep saying, 'oh, you've written a book about the music industry,' I think because it's in L.A. and these guys are in a band, but they don't penetrate that world at all and there's nothing about them that's really in the rock and roll milieu, in fact, they're more like the art students or people with literature degrees that pick up instruments and try to be in a band. This is a very character-driven piece."

In the New Yorker, Adam Gopnik attempts to cook real meals from recipes found in fiction.

Also in the New Yorker: a new short story by Don DeLillo.

Wired's Listening Post interviews Saddle Creek designer Jadon Ulrich.

WN: With digital distribution, it seems like it's going to be possible to do far more with album art than just providing an image and some liner notes. What do you see as some exciting possibilities for album art going forward?

JU: We're seeing more and more artist release albums with videos for songs, and attaching enhanced content with albums. Music is not in essence a physical thing, but has been shaped into one out of the
necessity to distribute and sell it. With digital distribution, the tangible item is fading back, which can allow for more of an experience, be it strictly audio, or incorporating motion, and potentially interactive elements; all of this will still require some sort of physical device to play, but the content itself can be shaped in a lot of ways. Hopefully this will reach a point where the artist themselves, or along with a visual artist, can create multimedia experiences.

goodreads is a social networking site built around books.

Harp profiles Chicago's Baby Teeth.

“It’s like a band that’s made up of three lead singers,” says Abraham “Pearly Sweets” Levitan, Baby Teeth’s de facto leader and songwriter. Bassist Jim Cooper and drummer Peter Andreadis are capable singers and songwriters—fronting the Detholz! and All City Affairs, respectively—but together they’re a musical force. The proof: 2005’s The Baby Teeth Album (Lujo), a poignantly sardonic opus where Levitan’s songs and hapless characters came to life in Polaroid retrocolor and a high-fidelity amalgam of 1980s Top 40 radio—with Bowie flair.

T-shirts of the day: SXSW geek t-shirts.

The Independent reposts that the town of Luton, named "Britain's crappiest town" in 2004, is holding a poetry contest with the town as its subject.

It is inviting poets across Britain to write an ode to Luton. "This is an open invitation to poets... from all over the country to visit Luton, absorb some of the unique spirit of the town... and put pen to paper," said Patricia Murchie, Luton First's chairman.

Get Underground interviews Liz Greenfield, the creative mind behind the webcomic Stuff Sucks.

What is your theme song?

LG: I like to think it’s The Frug by Rilo Kiley: Appropriately upbeat and cynical at the same time. But do note that at the time of writing, I am unsure of my Frug’in abilities. It is entirely possible that friends have been too polite so far to tell me that this dream of dancing is farfetched and has to end. I mean, I cannot even do the Smurf. If my grooves are indeed illusory, Look Up! by Mirah is a good runner-up. The Stars have also released some catchy and recognizable songs, but too slow to qualify as a theme to my rock.

The Telegraph reviews the last show played at the Hammersmith Palais.

However, it was fitting that the last band to play the Palais on Sunday was The Fall. Joe Strummer may have sneered at those he viewed as "turning rebellion into money", but if there ever was a band that postured for profit it was The Clash.

Technically classed as a post-punk band because they first played in 1977, if any band embodies the spirit of the Sex Pistols, it is The Fall. Every music talent show on television has at least a couple of hopefuls coming to the auditions who can't sing, can't dance, have no talent, look terrible and are included only to provoke laughter.

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