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April 14, 2007


The New York Times interviews author Nathan Englander about his forthcoming novel, The Ministry of Special Cases.

The Boston Herald interviews singer-songwriter M. Ward.

There’s a bunch of fairly like-minded throwback folk artists out there now such as Iron & Wine, Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom. Is this a positive trend you see developing?

It doesn’t matter to me. It’s just encouraging to hear a good song in the universe. It doesn’t matter to me if people are picking up on it or not. The reason I leave the marketplace to my manager and label is because I’m simply not that interested. A long time ago I used to have a subscription to Rolling Stone. I used to think, ‘Why isn’t Vic Chesnutt on the cover? Why isn’t John Fahey?’ I’ve lucked out. I have great people working for me who cover the marketplace for me. I think it poisons a lot of people’s songwriting when they get too tangled up in selling.

The New York Times has posted chapter twelve of Michael Chabon's serial novel. Gentlemen of the Road.

The Los Angeles Times examines the backlash to casting Kirsten Dunst as Debbie Harry.

Total Dick-Head is a blog dedicated to news and analysis of the works of author Philip K. Dick.

Southern Shelter features mp3 downloads of a recent show by Pylon and a 2004 performance by the Glands.

Cable and Tweed has some mp3s from Of Montreal's karaoke show Monday night in Athens.

The Globe and Mail reviews Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's graphic novel, Lost Girls.

But as with many Alan Moore works, the idea is better than the execution. Watchmen revolutionized comics with its meditations on free will and hero worship, but the ending is awful and feels hurriedly tacked on. V for Vendetta imagines a totalitarian England, and its dystopian vision has inspired much that followed it, but much of the writing is overcooked and does not flow well. (In my opinion, his collaboration with Eddie Campbell, From Hell, a very complex look at the Jack the Ripper story, is his masterpiece.)

In Harp, singer-songwriter Jesse Malin explains how Elvis Costello & the Attractions’ Armed Forces album changes his life.

WXPN is streaming yesterday's Illinois World Cafe performance.

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore talks to the Daily Yomiuri about the music documentary, Kill Your Idols.

"It's just one account of No Wave. It's a worthwhile film on its own right. But the intention of that film was to show the differences and similarities between bands that are playing in New York City now and the bands they referenced from the late '70s and early '80s New York underground. I don't think it was really intended as a history of New York No Wave. That film has yet to be made," he says.

The Oxford American lists 13 essential Southern documentaries.

An editor at Teen Vogue lists her top ten bands from SXSW.

The Smudge of Ashen Fluff is sharing mp3's of Bright Eyes' KCRW performance this week.

JANE magazine's "Talent Scout" offers three mp3 downloads.

Gothamist interviews Brian Posehn, comedian, actor, and graphic novelist.

What are some projects that you're currently involved in or contemplating?

We're going back to work soon on the Sarah Silverman Program and I'm totally looking forward to that. This summer I'll be performing stand-up on the road and working on material and music for my next album. And I'll be at comic book conventions promoting my apocalyptic Santa Claus graphic novel The Last Christmas.

Drowned in Sound profiles the indie record label, Dance To The Radio.

WXPN features a live performance from Illinois.

IGN lists the top 25 live albums.

A Better Offer is a unique music blog, focusing on one artist over a two week period. This fortnight's focus: the Rosebuds.

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