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April 21, 2007


The Globe and Mail reviews Steven Hall's novel, The Raw Shark Texts.

This novel is new in the way Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveller's Wife was new. It's an extremely creative run at novelistic narrative, and at the same time an old-fashioned story of love and loss. Unlike Niffenegger, however, Hall has borrowed liberally from all his favourite films and writers. It's as though he's thrown them all into a big pot, kept the heat on low and stirred and stirred until he came up with a new recipe. His main ingredients include Jaws, The Wizard of Oz, The Matrix, Jorge Luis Borges, Alice in Wonderland, Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Casablanca, Chuck Palahniuk and Douglas Coupland.

see also: Hall's Largehearted Boy Book Notes essay for the novel

Author Margaret Atwood talks to the Montreal Gazette.

In her last book, Moral Disorder, she wrote about a woman coping with ailing parents. Only it wasn't autobiography: "Nobody but me knows what, if any, story is 'true' or what is made up. Or some things may have happened. But not in that order. Or some things may have happened that somebody else observing them would have seen something different, as usual."

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's Alec Ounsworth talks to the Orlando Sun-Sentinel about the band's independent ways.

The decision to go it alone again hasn't always been as well received as the band's music. "Certain people are somewhat flabbergasted," says Alec Ounsworth, the band's singer and songwriter. But he sounds at ease with the idea of limits on his public profile.

"I don't want necessarily for everyone to know who I am," he says.

The New York Times has posted chapter 13 of Michael Chabon's serial novel, Gentlemen of the Road.

Harp interviews Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers about the band's new album, Emotionalism.

HARP: Can you elaborate on the title of the record and the concept behind it?

Seth Avett: We wanted to come up with a bold-face word to take a stand against this modern mentality of coldness, this “everything is awful, everything is ruined” idea. There’s a lot of hopelessness, and it’s contagious. But the opposite is contagious as well.

Billboard examines the growing number of video, or "mp4 blogs."

MP4 blogs, while still very much in the minority, may represent the next chapter in music blogging -- one where bloggers and their audience consider video as collectible as MP3s.

The Los Angeles Times examines Granta's list of the top young American novelists.

In the Huffington Post, Mark Oppenheimer calls Michael Chabon's new novel, The Yiddish Policemen's Union, his most interesting yet.

The Emory Wheel examines the role of the internet in marketing indie musicians.

Literary Mama is a "literary magazine for the maternally inclined."

Air's Jean-Benoit Dunckel talks to the Tacoma News Tribune.

“We want to produce … sort of a warm, relaxing feeling,” he said in his soft-spoken French accent during a recent phone interview. “It’s not only about pop; it’s not only about going on the radio. It’s more about delivering some psychedelic message and making people space out.”

The Comic Book Bin interviews Diana Schultz, editor at Dark Horse Comics.

Q: What’s the most significant change you’ve seen in the industry in your career?

A: I think probably the advent of creators’ rights. People forget how it was -- both for cartoonists and for readers -- before creators had the option of owning their own characters and stories.

Maximum PC compares the audio quality of mp3s encoded at different bitrates.

Author Steve Niles talks to KCPW about his upcoming zombie graphic novel, 28 Days Later: The Aftermath.

Niles tells KCPW's Bryan Schott that the recent popularity behind zombie movies is firmly grounded in recent events like disease outbreaks and war.

Daytrotter has an in-studio performance from Peter and the Wolf, as well as an interview.

Yesterday, Minneapolis F*cking Rocks shared 42 songs for 4/20.

IGN lists the top 25 Britpop albums.

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