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April 23, 2007


Pitchfork interviews Bjork.

Author Bret Easton Ellis talks to the Los Angeles Times about Jeff Hobbs' debut novel, The Tourists.

Ellis said that Hobbs' shyness fits into the careful observation in his book. "You're observing all the time, because you're an exile, you're an outsider. Writing a really good novel like that, I believe, comes from a lot of pain, a lot of stress, a lot of things you don't like about the world."

Ellis, who agreed to read the book as a favor to a mutual friend, was also struck by the way the book "had a lot of interesting things to say about that generation's fluidity about sexuality, done in a way that's so casual it's jolting." (Ellis, long assumed to be straight, came out as gay in 2005.)

Patti Smith talks to PerthNow about her covers album, Twelve.

"Most of the songs on the record were extremely popular and I wanted people to be able to enter the album quickly," she says. "Many of my albums are very demanding and somewhat obscure."

The New York Times reviews Steven Hall's debut novel,. The Raw Shark Texts.

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Singer-songwriter Ted Leo talks to Popmatters.

And finally, Leo who came of age in the DC hardcore scene but who has never really let loose with the thrash himself, slips in a short, hard punk offering this album in “Bomb.Repeat.Bomb”. “That’s another thing where those elements are always with me, but I was reined into the more melodic, whatever, edgy pop that generally populates my records,” he said. “It felt really liberating to just let that one be, let it be a hardcore song.”

The Guardian profiles several writers on Granta's list of the top young American authors.

Harp profiles Finnish singer-songwriter Astrid Swan.

NPR excerpts from Ian Rankin's new novel, The Naming of the Dead.

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