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May 30, 2007


Victoria Legrand of Baltimore's Beach House talks to the Detroit Metro Times about the band's critical success.

"I don't think it's changed at all who I feel that I am, or how I perceive myself," says Legrand, on the phone from Nashville, the band's second stop on their current tour. "It's not like all the sudden I'm this indie rock thing. Obviously, we're all in this indie rock world, but I don't feel like any of that has made me feel like an alien to myself."

Pitchfork interviews singer-songwriter Leslie Feist.

Aesop Rock talks to Billboard about a collaborator on his recent album, John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats.

"The guy [Darnielle] is incredible," Aesop Rock tells "[It was] one of the few times in my life where meeting the actual man behind the songs has lived up to its potential. He's not like a letdown of a hero, like so many others are. The truth is we just like each other's stuff."

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy talks to New Zealand's Stuff.

"I think what happens more often than not is that when people start to have that violent reaction against something changing, say a band they care about, what they really hate is that they've changed and that they can't stop themselves from changing," Tweedy suggests.

"People hate the fact that they change, human beings just don't like it. I'm convinced that there is no correct way that we could ever address this problem. We couldn't set out to make a record that would make everybody happy because we would never succeed. All you're left with is this idea that you make something that you love and that you care about."

Pop City lists the "top 10 reasons why Pittsburgh is a literary star."

Ents24 interviews singer-songwriter Richard Thompson.

You've been named by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the Top 20 Guitarists of All-Time and have won both an Ivor Novello Award for Songwriting and the 2006 BBC Lifetime Achievement Award - is there anything else left for you to achieve?

It's nice to get the occasional pat on the back, but these are not my personal yardsticks. There are many areas where I need to improve, many projects to work on - if you stop learning, you're dead.

San Francisco Weekly celebrates the return of Crawdaddy!, the influential 1960s magazine.

So far, it's hard to decipher which decade the new Crawdaddy! wants to evoke. Spotlighted articles on the Modern Lovers, Joe Strummer, and the Who's Tommy are directed toward the over-40 rock fan, while music made in this millennia gets posted at the bottom of the site. Perhaps that's for the best when a record review concludes with the insipid line: "Let God Save the Clientele save your summer ... and your soul."

New York magazine asks college faculty members which current novels will be taught in 50 years time.

NPR's Morning Edition profiles the late singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley.

Daytrotter features an interview and in-studio session by O'Death.

Minnesota Public Radio interviews author Anosh Irani, author of the truly magical novel, The Song of Kahunsha.

This week, New York magazine's Vulture blog is excerpting Kevin McShane's graphic novel, Toupydoops.

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