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June 6, 2007


Long Blondes drummer Screech Louder shares the current highlights of his life with Pitchfork's Guest List.

Great Lake Swimmers guitarist Tony Dekker talks to the New York Daily News.

"I like touring but it's not my favorite part of the whole thing. I'm more partial to writing and recording," he says. It's a matter of trying to stay healthy because touring can wear you down. But after you have been away for awhile, you start to get the itch to go back out again."

The New York Sun reviews the Roky Erickson documentary, You're Gonna Miss Me.

The Socialist Worker Online interviews singer-songwriter Tom Morello.

WHO IS the Nightwatchman, as opposed to Tom Morello?

IT’S DEFINITELY a part of me that I’ve discovered through writing and performing these songs.

Originally, I was playing at an open mic night in Los Angeles, and I didn’t want to sign up as Tom Morello, because then people would be yelling for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave songs, and I was doing something completely different. I wanted the space to push out as an artist without having my work as the “Daywatchman” haunt me.

False 54th compares rates how mainstream the tastes of music bloggers are, based on their profiles.

Tao Lin has posted two stories from his shirt fiction collection, Bed.

see also: Lin's Largehearted Boy Book Notes essay for the collection

Rebecca's Pocket is collecting 2007 summer reading lists.

The Detroit Metro Times interviews Slate political cartoonist Mikhaela Reid, author of Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela.

MT: Why are there so many lousy political cartoons in the world?

Reid: Instead of realizing that good cartoons are going to piss some people off, most mainstream editors just buy jokes about the news — Paris Hilton in jail cartoons, Martha Stewart baking cookies in jail cartoons, blah-de-blah-blah yawn, yawn, yawn. Easy laughs, and no one gets angry.

Land of Talk's Elizabeth Powell talks to the Denver Post.

Q:People either don't know Land of Talk or absolutely love the band. Do you think you've got the potential to blow up if you got more exposure?

A: Bands that are really big, they admit to there's the ambition there and there's a lot of decisions they make to get to that point and be in the spotlight. I think we to just want to be honest working musicians and be able to buy a house someday.

Son Volt's Jay Farrar talks to the Cleveland Free Times.

"The last Son Volt record was more of an electric guitar album, because after doing solo discs for so long, that's something I really wanted to jump back into," Farrar explains via phone when asked about his seemingly cyclical musical trajectory. "But on The Search, I think the natural inclination was to mix things up and take it in a different direction."

France's Metro interviews Pete Townshend.

Which current bands do you like?

Shack. Kooks. Fratellis. Razorlight. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Raconteurs. Flaming Lips.

The Independent has a "5-minute interview" with Badly Drawn Boy's Damon Gough.

I wish people would take more notice of...

Detail. With music, for example, take the artists that sell millions and compare it to the effort I put in and attention to detail that I use - I don't think people know the difference. Everybody is satisfied with nonsense. I don't understand why so many are prepared to stand in a line and be judged by Simon Cowell.

Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor talks to JamBase about his production work on the band's album, Yellow House.

"I respected and enjoyed the production aesthetic on Horn of Plenty. I knew a lot of people that liked Grizzly Bear. They liked the lower-fi aesthetic so I didn't want to clean it up, so to speak, because that's not usually my approach anyway. But, I didn't want it to sound like all clean signals," explains Taylor, detailing his production plan while munching on cashews. "In general, I was experimenting a lot with various production techniques and affecting things, trying to create this sonic space that's got a lot of different qualities and textures."

The Huffington Post interviews Lynn Harris, author of Death By Chick Lit.

Rolling Stone lists the 25 greatest slow dance songs ever.

On NPR, Kiran Desai reads and discusses her novel, The Inheritance of Loss.

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