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June 11, 2007


Michael Hearst talks to Billboard about his album, Songs for Ice Cream Trucks.

"I had no hard and fast rules as to how to make an ice cream truck song," said Hearst, who also plays in indie duo One Ring Zero. "They had just better make people want to buy ice cream." And Hearst's 13 tracks -- short, whimsical tunes that use melodica, organ, theremin, guitar, keyboards and a children's choir -- appear to be doing just that.

The Daily Texan is listing the best "college rock" of all time (five a day throughout the week).

The Los Angeles Times examines the new US royalty rates for streaming music online.

The basic problems here include a royalty-setting process that promotes brinkmanship. Many labels and artists, particularly the independent ones not affiliated with the Recording Industry Assn. of America, see webcasters as critical alternatives to over-the-air stations, whose shrunken playlists leave little room for new or lesser-known artists. Unlike the major-label-dominated airwaves, 30% or more of the tunes heard on Internet stations are from indies. (That estimate is based on royalties collected by SoundExchange, so it almost certainly understates the difference between over-the-air playlists and online ones because small webcasters often fail to report what they play.) Yet negotiators for the labels have been reluctant to strike discounted royalty deals with small-fry webcasters because of the precedent they could set—not just for larger webcasters, but also for satellite and cable-TV music services.

Paste's band of the week is the Rosebuds.

Cincinnati's City Beat examines streaming music sites.

Novelist Jeff Hobbs, author of The Tourists, talks to the Wilmington News Journal.

"Writing is a cheap hobby," he said, so he could indulge himself up to 10 hours a day. His practice is to write everything in longhand first.

GoGirls is an online community for indie women musicians.

Cracked lists the ten most memorable Sopranos whackings.

This week Five Chapters is serializing a story by Edward Schwarzschild, the author of the novel Responsible Men and the fall collection The Family Diamond.

Singer-songwriter Richard Thompson talks to the Lexington Herald-Leader about his latest album, Sweet Warrior.

"I think there is a lot of conflict to these new songs -- military conflict, emotional conflict and domestic conflict. There is conflict and, in some cases, resolution. But there is also a kind of sweetness within that conflict -- hence the title of the album."

The New York Times wonders if excerpts help book sales.

The Independent examines how small independent record labels are able to hold on to their talent.

For CBS News, New York Times book critic Janet Maslin lists hot" summer books.

The New York Times offers a graphical representation of Bright Eyes' recent seven show stint at Town Hall.

The June issue of Bookslut features an interview with the founders of Impetus Press by author (and Largehearted Boy contributor) Ned Vizzini.

Cracked lists (with YouTube evidence) the ten funniest performances from the 2007 Eurovision song contest finals.

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