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July 21, 2007


Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara talks to Inside Bay Area.

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams talks to the Los Angeles Times about his new album, Easy Tiger.

"I just wanted to make a record. I get around a studio and I get pervy. The fact that we're in one right now literally makes me want to make a record today and be done like tomorrow. I'm hungry for that kind of experience. I just love all the lights and buttons on the console, and I like the way people communicate in the studio because its so hyper-creative. It's a very romantic way to think…."

In the Los Angeles Times, one of my favorite literary bloggers Ed Champion examines the confessional side of blogging.

Wired's Listening Post blog interviews Michael Hearst of One Ring Zero.

WN: With As Smart As We Are, you and Joshua inspired terms like book rock, which makes sense, especially with props for Songs for Ice Cream Trucks coming from people like John Hodgman and Michael Chabon. But how does "booktronica" grab you?

MH: It's funny, after As Smart As We Are came out, One Ring Zero started getting referred to as "lit-rock." I think it was The New Yorker that first called us that. We thought it was hilarious. A geeky new genre of music that we accidentally invented. Of course, it made sense, since we were working with McSweeney's publishing at the time, and all those authors were writing lyrics for us. Of course, we also had four albums that came out before the author project CD, most if which were instrumental. For those albums we were called things like "acid-klezmer," "ethno-hipster," and "Fellini-esque-circus-flea-cartoon music." I'm glad we're so indefinable. I would hate to be just another grunge band or singer-songwriter or something. Though, I do love the idea of booktronica. Ha! Maybe Fatboy Slim can do a remix of As Smart As We Are. Then we can put a sticker on the album that says "A complete album of mysterious booktronica music by Fatboy Slim and One Ring Zero." It's all about the sticker. Nothing labels a band better than an actual label. Of course, we'll make sure that Wikipedia gives you get full credit for coming up with the term "booktronica."

NME reports that Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe's favorite band is the Hold Steady.

Speaking in an interview in Details magazine, Radcliffe said Craig Finn's band is "the best band this year by far."

Classic Reader offers several short stories by P.G. Wodehouse.

IGN lists "three rap albums you need to buy stat."

WXPN is streaming live music this weekend from its Xponential Music Festival.

Drowned in Sound interviews members of the Mercury prize-nominated New Young Pony Club.

You’ve a new sound.

Andy: Avant-pop, we want to call it.
Tahita: In five years’ time we’ll look back and go, “Ooooh right, New Young Pony Club will be the start of all that, then.”
Andy: Yeah, why not.
Tahita: In the same way you can say Blur started Britpop with Modern Life is Rubbish, New Young Pony Club started avant-pop with Fantastic Playroom.

Oregon Public Broadcasting features an in-studio performane by singer-songwriter Gill Landry.

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