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August 23, 2007

Daily Downloads (The Sharp Things, Ryan Adams, and more)

Jim Santo of the Sharp Things shares the backstory behind the song "Cruel Thing" off the band's latest album, A Moveable Feast.

Our new album was mixed and mastered and ready to go, but then Sharp Things leader Perry Serpa played a demo of "Cruel Thing" for Bar/None Records owner Glenn Morrow, who proceeded to get very excited and insisted the tune be included on A Moveable Feast. Our intrepid co-producer Prince Polo came to the rescue, arranging for a two-day session at the Truth & Soul recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Successor to the fabled Soul Fire Recordings, Truth & Soul specializes in recreating the classic soul sounds of the late '60s and early '70s, and that's just what we got!

The Sharp Things: "Cruel Thing" [mp3] from A Moveable Feast
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Adrian Orange & Her Band: "Adrian Orange & Her Band (out September 11th)
"You're My Home" [mp3]
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Balthrop, Alabama: two tracks [mp3]
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Bang Lime: "Blood Orange" [mp3] from Best Friends in Love
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Blanche: "What This Town Needs" [mp3] from Little Amber Bottles
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The Bosch: several tracks [mp3]*
"This Town" [mp3] from Hurry Up
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Creaky Boards: "Brooklyn (Will You Love Me Forever? Will You Kill Me Now?)" [mp3]
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The French Semester: one track [mp3]
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Ryan Adams: 2007-07-24, Berkeley [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Please Do Not Let Me Go" [mp3]
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Ursula Points: two tracks (click "downloads") [mp3]
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*updated since last mention

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