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August 13, 2007


Since I first posted the 2007 Lollapalooza performance downloads Friday, I have added shows by Amy Winehouse (mp3&flac), Ben Harper (mp3), Kings of Leon (mp3&flac), M.I.A. (mp3), Pearl Jam (mp3&flac), and Regina Spektor (mp3).

In the New Yorker, author George Saunders reads and discusses Isaac Babel's short story, "You Must Know Everything."

Stylus interviews Greg Gillis of Girl Talk.

The New Yorker profiles author Philip K. Dick.

Pitchfork interviews Iggy Pop.

The Cambridge Evening News delves into the life of literary agent, Rachel Calder.

"People imagine my day consists of constantly talking to Nobel prize winners, working on the next masterpiece and then picking up the phone and demanding £500,000 from a publisher. And of course it's not really like that."

Popmatters excerpts from the book, The Rough Guide to the Velvet Underground.

The Boston Globe profiles nimbit, an online company that helps musicians sell albums, tickets, and other merchandise.

Nimbit is one of a growing number of businesses, including CD Baby and Musictoday, that have helped make it easier for independent musicians to make a living from their work and widely distribute their music.

Tegan and Sara talk to MTV News.

USA Today examines the soundtrack to the Bob Dylan biopic, I'm Not There.

The filmmakers wanted artists with certain artistic integrity, not just recent chart-topping pop acts, says music supervisor Randall Poster. "We went with a lot of outsiders and outlaws. That's the connection they share with Dylan," says Poster, who has spent two years compiling the collection. "We needed a certain caliber of artist to record the songs and lend their own style rather than just do imitations. But they are certainly flirting with Dylan."

Metafilter points out music blogs that celebrated Vinyl Record Day yesterday.

Author Yann Martel is sending the prime minister of Canada a book every two weeks, and chronicling the resulting correspondence in a blog, What Is Stephen Harper Reading?

Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom talks about his musical influences with Harp.

“SST was huge to me,” exclaims Bill Janovitz (guitar/vocals). “I was really into Hüsker Dü. They really updated the rock sound, melding punk with the harmony of the Replacements. We always let people know exactly what our influences were. Back then you had the Meat Puppets who liked ZZ Top, and we liked Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Clash.”

Oh No! Oh My's Daniel Hoxmeier talks to Torontoist.

Their success started at the end of 2005, when Hoxmeier sent some songs to the blog Music For Robots, along with, he says, a "really-super-long e-mail about how much [the site had] shown me cool music." It was the only self-promotion the band had ever done; at the time, they were charging people $1.50 for the band's entire album, just enough to cover postage but not enough to cover the CD-Rs that the albums were recorded on. Music For Robots dug it and posted one song, "Walk in the Park," along with a glowing review ("This song is pop perfection").

T-shirt of the day: "I Love Rock n Roll"

Michael Patrick Brady lists the 5 most unusual music performances ever on television.

Bucksomeness offers many Kings of Leon live performance downloads (registration at Multiply is required to download).

Oregon Public Broadcasting features an in-studio performance by Bishop Allen.

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