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August 16, 2007


XFM has updated odds on the Mercury Music Prize.

NOW Toronto analyzes the pros and cons of indie music in several television commercials.

Heather Mansfield of the Brunettes talks to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Les Savy Fav's Tim Harrington lists his favorite things for Pitchfork.

The Toronto Star previews this year's Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

"We think this festival is different from any other in North America, because we focus on the creators – the writers and artists, who are doing great work, as opposed to the culture surrounding comics," says Chris Butcher, one of TCAF's organizers. "It's really not for the folks who dress up. The work we want to celebrate is the type where after you finish reading something, you say wow, that's amazing."

IGN interviews Rilo Kiley's Jason Boesel about the band's new album, Under the Blacklight.

IGN Music: You named More Adventurous as a response to the expanded sound the band captured on the album. With the dance vibe of "The Moneymaker" and the new album's title, Under The Blacklight, should fans expect an album full of funk-grooved rock this time?

Jason Boesel: I think the title is meant to imply a certain seediness of life that exists everywhere in the world. The sort of undercurrent of humanity that people usually ignore, or just can't see. I suppose the black light exposes things you normally wouldn't see, and it hides others that you normally would. Fans should expect to listen less and feel more.

NPR's Morning Edition examines the books of US presidential candidates and their effectiveness as campaign tools.

WXPN's World Cafe features an in-studio performance by Australia's Augie March.

New York Magazine's the Comics Page excerpts from Tom Beland's graphic novel, True Story, Swear to God.

The Nashville Scene examines the city's zine scene.

Band of Horses frontman Ben Bridwell talks to the Cleveland Scene.

"The best is being able to do this right now without having to have any other kind of job -- to be what we are right now, which is adult babies playing with guitars all day and not really worrying about too much else.

"Even if it all went away tomorrow, if we can just ride this out for a couple more years -- let us keep doing this, pretending that we're children -- that'd be fine."

The New York Times declares Jack Kerouac's On the Road "still vital" on the book's 50th anniversary.

Paste reviews Marooned: The Next Generation of Desert Island Discs.

Singer-songwriter Matt Pond talks to Spin.

The Nashville Scene previews this weekend's Killer Nashville, a mystery writers festival.

Sound the Sirens lists the highs and lows of Lollapalooza 2007.

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Cincinnati's City Beat profiles the WOXY staff.

Music-blogger-turned-DJ Joe Long is the staff's newest member. His relationship with the station began when he asked that it participate on his music blog, Soon after, the station lost its initial Internet funding and Long was reduced to listening to the station's last broadcast like every other fan.

After writing several of what he describes as "manifestoes" to the station and parent company, Lala, Long finally joined the staff, raising the total number of staffers to four when the station resumed broadcasting last fall.

"We're like school teachers," Long says about his modest salary at the station. "(But) we probably enjoy work more than teachers."

In the Guardian, author Neil Griffiths lists his top 10 outsider books.

WHYY's Fresh Air interviews Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz.

Cartoon Brew is a blog dedicated to animation.

LA Weekly features an excerpt from Adrian Tomine's new graphic novel, Shortcomings.

Drowned in Sound makes a case for Super Furry Animals are the "consistently finest guitar band of the last decade."

KQED offers the monthly Noise Pop New Music Podcast, featuring "10 tracks of new independent and underground music."

Austinist has set up a central page for coverage of the 2007 Austin City Limits music festival.

Lullabyes is sharing a Dallas in-store performance by Eisley.

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