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August 24, 2007


The Yorkshire Post profiles folk singer Kate Rusby.

Harp interviews singer-songwriter Laura Veirs.

Animal Collective drummer Noah Lennox shares his love for the Boss SP-303 sampler with the Guardian.

At Stylus, Nick Southall lists his top ten most listened to albums in 2007 (not released in 2007).

Former Drive-By Trucker Jason Isbell talks to the Birmingham news about his solo album, Sirens of the Ditch.

Q. How is this music different from what you did with the Drive-By Truckers?

A. I don't know if that's necessarily a question for me. I feel that other people are better equipped to make those comparisons. There are more hooks and less of a linear, obvious storytelling structure. It's not any less Southern. It might be a little more produced. A lot of these songs are built around the piano, and there aren't as many screaming, squalling guitar solos. It's just a whole bunch of songs I've been working on for a long time.

Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood talks to the Birmingham News.

"Mike Cooley and I have 22 years in now this month," Hood says. "Our band always works as a democracy, but at the same time, there's a certain amount of - for lack of a better word - seniority in the relationship he and I have. That sort of leads the way for what the direction the band is going to be moving in, the direction the two of us go in, and we were kind of moving in a different one."

NPR's Open Mic features Swedish singer-songwriter Pelle Carlberg.

BostonNow shares a video interview with Matt Snow and Glenn Yoder of Cassavettes.

New York magazine's the Comics Page blog excerpts from Ivan Brandon's comics anthology, 24Seven, Volume 2.

The latest installment in Aquarium Drunkard's Off the Record series has Josh Ritter sharing the joys of his hometown, Moscow, Idaho.

Ten Car Train lists the best break-up songs.

The Daily Californian interviews Blackalicious members MC Gift of Gab and DJ/producer Chief Xcel.

Heather Mansfield of the Brunettes talks to the Age.

World Hum lists the 10 greatest fictional travelers.

The Lebanon Daily Star examines Beirut's current rock scene.

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At Nextbook, Jami Attenberg reviews Williamsburg! The Musical.

The creators of Williamsburg! The Musical, which recently debuted at the Village Theater as part New York City’s annual Fringe Festival, are also fascinated with the divide between the Hasidim and the hipsters. The play is a campy little romp rife with stereotypes of Williamsburg residents: there’s the heroine, Piper Paris, a thirty-year-old trustfunder who's just been cut off by her parents, her dippy hipster roommates (including a gay graphic designer, an environmental activist, and a wine-swilling fashion-plate retail worker, a heroic bodega owner, and a Polish landlady who keeps pulling pierogies out of her house dress).

Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche talks to the Santa Barbara Independent.

Is there a Wilco sound?

Gosh, I don’t know. That’s a tough question. Jeff is the primary singer, and it’s his lyrics on everything. That alone is a pretty huge part of the music. With Wilco, stylistically, it has evolved from album to album through the course of the band, because more than anything, there is a desire for this band to keep growing and not to repeat itself.

Singer-songwriter Linda Thompson talks to NPR's All Things Considered about her new album, Versatile Heart.

RIP Grace Paley, author and activist.

The Fate of the Artist examines Nicki Greenberg's graphic novel adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

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