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August 25, 2007


Sloan guitarist Jay Ferguson talks to the Toronto Star.

Singer-songwriter John Vanderslice is featured on AOL/Spinner's The Interface with an interview and in-studio performance (download the mp3).

The New York Times interviews Dalia Sofer, author of The Septembers of Shiraz.

Your first novel, “The Septembers of Shiraz,” has become a surprise hit, in part because it so vividly captures the veiled world of post-revolutionary Iran and the unjust fate of one Isaac Amin, a Jewish rare-gem dealer who winds up in jail. Is the novel at all autobiographical?

It’s loosely based on my family’s experiences. When I was 8, my father was arrested for being a Zionist spy. We didn’t know where he was. My mom would go out looking for him. And then he just reappeared one day, about a month later.

Perth Sunday Times editor Jan Hallam picks her 50 favorite books.

Hometracked lists ten recording bloopers that made the album.

KEXP features an in-studio performance by Earlimart at noon pacific today.

WXPN's World Cafe features Grace Potter and the Nocturnals with an interview and in-studio performance.

The band also talks to JamBase.

see also: the band's Largehearted Boy Note Books contribution

The Los Angeles Times reviews the collection of desert island albums essays, Marooned: The Next Generation of Desert Island Discs.

Thoroughly uneven, "Marooned" is like music itself: amorphous, something that can be configured a million different ways. The voices, and the albums, either speak to you or don't. There's no right or wrong here. Metal expert Ian Christie, who writes eloquently about the merits of Iron Maiden's "Killers," may explain it best: "The adolescent cave of eighth grade is the ultimate desert island in which lifelong musical biases are carved into the mind like hashmarks on a palm's trunk."

WXPN's Live Fridays From XPN is streaming a performance by singer-songwriter Josh Ritter.

Author Michael Connelly talks to NPR's Morning Edition about Los Angeles.

Paste writers list their top seven albums of 2007 that came out before July.

The CBC interviews cartoonist Lynn Johnston, who is ending her comic strip, For Better or For Worse, after 28 years.

Q: Family-themed strips are as old as the comics themselves, whether it’s Gasoline Alley, Blondie or even Hi and Lois. Did you read any of these growing up? Were they an inspiration?

A: We lived with the comics growing up — we loved them. My grandfather and my father would analyze them, and my father was quite a good cartoonist but never pursued it. So all my life I remember looking at the comics not as an entertainment, but rather as a piece of art. I loved comic books too, [especially] any one where the female character was believable or strong. I liked Little Dot, Little Lulu, and of course I liked Peanuts, because even though Lucy was kind of a crab, she was strong.

Payvand's Iran News profiles artist/author Marjane Satrapi.

Marvel News interviews New Jersey rockers the Milwaukees, and has the band put together a mix CD tribute to Captain America.

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