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October 25, 2007

Daily Downloads (Rocky Horror covers, Ween, and more)

Camper Van Beethoven: 2007-10-19, Eugene [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Seven Languages" [mp3]
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Cassettes Won't Listen: "Lunch for Breakfast" [mp3]
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Drive-By Truckers: 2007-10-22, Chicago [mp3,ogg,flac]
"I'm Your Puppet (Marvin Gaye cover, Kelly Hogan vocals)" [mp3]
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The Drones: Shark Fin Blues" [mp3] from Custom Made
other Drones music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Francesca Lee: two tracks [mp3]
"I Never" [mp3] from Francesca Lee
other Francesca Lee music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Grace Potter: 2007-10-21, Birmingham [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Come Together (Beatles cover)" [mp3]
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Mouse Fire: "This Is How I Throw My Slider" [mp3] from Wooden Teeth (out November 6th)
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Shapes Have Fangs: "Red Moon (live at KVRX)" [mp3]
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Various Artists: "The Filthy Horror Show" free and legal album [mp3]
Shock and Awe: "The Time Warp" [mp3]

Ween: 2007-10-20, Chicago [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Woman and Man" [mp3]
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