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October 12, 2007


The Denver Post interviews singer-songwriter Bill Callahan.

Q: In a recent interview you more or less said the ease of making music these days isn't necessarily a good thing, but in fact you started out lo-fi, recording at home on a four track. Is that an implicit indictment of the methods you used when you began?

A: Well, I was talking about other people. Other people shouldn't be so free to make music. I make good music, so I should be able to. And the digital is something much larger than a few people with four tracks. That was real recording. Digital is a false replication. Digital is replacing recording. There will be no more recording, it's just ones and zeros. Mostly zeros.

The Irish Independent interviews Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew about his solo work.

Broken Social Scene really hit the big time last year. Why put out a solo album now?

"These were songs I needed to get out of my system. I'd actually written most of them prior to the last Broken Social Scene record. They were there in the background, but hadn't been recorded. And I wanted to put them together in a way that was different to Broken Social Scene. I wanted less orchestration. They needed a rawer sound."

Aversion interviews singer-songwriter Angie Heaton.

You cover a Field Mice song, "Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise" on this record. Some people might think a collision of a Sarah Records favorite and alt-country is more than a little weird. To me, it perfectly sums up the spirit of The Rumor Mill. Was this song chosen to help highlight your pop leanings or just because it's a favorite of yours?

Oh gosh. I love that song, and was so inspired by it when I saw them live for the first time several years ago! I didn't even think of it being a different genre, at first. I just wanted to cover it. However, I guess at that same time, I was making every cover I did Tex/Mex'd or country sounding! I still do that. Everything sounds better country. At least when you know five chords!

The New York Times previews this year's CMJ Music marathon.

Though it once had a reputation as an event to make or break major deals, now CMJ is more about networking and building awareness and community, said Adam Shore, the general manager of Vice Records. “Whereas maybe the focus before was to get record labels to notice you, now it’s to get management and booking agents and other areas” like television licensing and marketing ventures, he said.

The Boston Globe profiles the Grass Roots Record Co. and the burgeoning Nevada City, California music scene.

But there's music in these hills, good music, and much of it is being made by lifelong friends who grew up together in this close-knit community - among them Snegg, a 27-year-old bass player and entrepreneur who last year founded the Grass Roots Record Co., which hosts a label showcase tonight at P.A.'s Lounge in Somerville.

Singer-songwriter John Vanderslice discusses his next album with the Georgia Strait.

"The next album's going to sound way different," he says excitedly. "It's going to be really pink and bright and melodic. In a way, Emerald City was the exact opposite of Pixel Revolt, but I want my next record to be a whole new thing. Like, totally different from the two war records."

JamBase interviews Hold Steady guitarist Tad Kubler.

JamBase: After you've kicked the dust off of it, this is VERY participatory music. There's definitely a give-and-take with the crowd.

Tad Kubler: It seems like indie rock had gotten so exclusive and more about being cool than going out and having a really good time. That's something we noticed was missing when we started this band, like "God, what happened?" That's one thing we try to focus on and make sure everyone gets involved in that.

Today's reviews of Radiohead's In Rainbows:

the Guardian
Rolling Stone
the Telegraph reviews the reviews

Author Steve Almond talks to Minnesota Public Radio about "depression, writing and how VH-1 tried to make him into a reality TV star after the release of his book 'Candyfreak.'"

Minnesota Public Radio's The Current features an on-studio performance by Spoon.

T-shirt of the day: "Steve Jobs for President"

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