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October 17, 2007


The Detroit Metro Times pits Van Halen vs. Queens of the Stone Age to decide "who best captures the concerns of metal's Cro-Magnon man."

The Catbirdseat offers its second annual "music-blogger 'best of 2007' list cheat sheet."

The Boston Globe interviews Spoon drummer Jim Eno.

Q. Even though you've always had pop melodies at your core, your sound has evolved over the years and "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" may be your most refined record yet. Have your influences changed?

A. I think influences do change as you move along. You always discover new things. But we do work really, really hard at making each song stand out on its own. Also, we try not to repeat ourselves with respect to how a song feels.

Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers talks to the Cleveland Free Times about the band's next album.

"There seems to be running themes that keep popping up and it's extremely cohesive, but it's not a concept record," says Hood. "It just sounds like one big piece of work that all the ingredients fit right with. We've never recorded a Shonna song before and we've got three and they fit perfectly with the record. And we ended up recording seven of Cooley's songs this time and they're the best songs he's ever written, and I've got nine on there and I'm as proud of them as anything I've ever written. Some of it is really pretty and some of it is kind of primal MC5/Stooges-influenced, and it all flows right with each other. There's definitely a big soul music and R&B influence in a lot of it, and I think that's always been in our music but never been as noticed, and I'm glad of that."

Pitchfork recaps the month in techno.

Author Tao Lin talks to Popmatters about his influences and short fiction.

"Is this a fair analogy: tracks are to an album what short stories are to a collection?">Is this a fair analogy: tracks are to an album what short stories are to a collection?

I think that is a nice analogy. I spent a lot of time putting the stories in order. I don’t listen to albums straight through. I usually put one song on repeat. But I do think about why the band chose the order they did. A lot of the time I think that the first song on the CD is what the band thinks will appeal to the most people, while the last song on the CD is what song most appeals to themselves.

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Free Range Librarian examines the future of small literary journals.

Gigwise reports that singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart made mix CDs for Lindsay Lohan while the actress was in rehab.

"I made two mix CDs for her,” explained Banhart. “I put Nico, Vashti Bunyan, Captain Beefheart, Caetano Veloso and Joanna Newsom on there. She totally dug them.”

The New York Times reports that Irish author Anne Enright has won the Man Booker prize with her novel, The Gathering.

Howard Davies, the chairman of the judges’ panel, praised Ms. Enright’s “tough and striking language” and said she had written a “powerful, uncomfortable and, at times, angry book.”

Shortlisted author Lloyd Jones shares his disappointment with the New Zealand Herald.

"I'm a little bit disappointed but I'm not crushed," Jones told Radio New Zealand from London's Guild Hall after the announcement.

"It was always going to be a bit of lottery," he said.

Range Life Music is a music blog dedicated to the Midwest's music scene.

To preview of the Wisconsin Book Festival, the Capital Times interviews authors T.C. Boyle and Michael Cunningham.

KEXP is streaming live performances today from New York (all times are pacific):

iLiKETRAiNS (LIVE in NYC) Wednesday October 17, 7:00am

Sons and Daughters (LIVE in NYC) Wednesday October 17, 9:00am

Dead Confederate (LIVE in NYC) Wednesday October 17, 11:00am

The Blakes (LIVE in NYC) Wednesday October 17, 1:00pm

Minnesota Public Radio interviews author Maya Angelou.

The University of Wisconsin's Daily Cardinal examines the arbitrary genre terms in music.

The term “Indie” is probably one of the most ridiculously overused, meaningless music genre terms out there. It originally indicated a sort of work ethic and a statement of underground idealism ascribed to a wide array of acts in the 1980s and ’90s, those who were independent of major labels, but in the course of the last decade it’s come to almost mean anything “hip” as well—a profoundly subjective idea. As a result, it has become a shell of a concept and a very easy notion to misconstrue. While once it might have been considered a musician’s badge of honor to be Indie, I imagine it would be difficult to find a genuinely independent act who would seek that stamp nowadays.

The National Post's Ampersand blog lists 5 graphic novels that Hollywood should make into films.

Singer-songwriter Nellie McKay talks to WXPN's World Cafe.

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