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October 22, 2007


Five Chapters is celebrating its first anniversary with the publication of a long-lost short story by Jay McInerney.

Fantagraphics will publish Town of Mirrors : The Reassembled Imagery of Robert Pollard, a collection of collages, art, lyrics and poetry by the former Guided By Voices frontman some time in 2008.

AfterEllen lists twelve lesbian novels set outside the United States.

The Victoria Times-Colonist lists the top ten overlooked Canadian albums.

The New Yorker contains new short fiction, "The Cold Outside," by John Burnside.

Ryan Jarman of the Cribs talks to Popmatters.

Pitchfork interviews singer-songwriter Devendra Banhart.

Pitchfork: When I listen to the new record, I don't hear it as a retro trip. It sounds almost timeless, not in the sense that people will be listening to it in 50 years, but in the sense that I hear bits and pieces from the past 50 years of music. How much of that do you think was a product of simply taking advantage of the moment?

DB: What I find funny-- my comment earlier about that...on the first two records that I made, I think a lot of 60s references were made, in the context of those records. With this record, I suddenly start hearing that it's the 70s. So the next record will be my 80s record, and then the '90s record, when I get into my Gin Blossoms/Blind Melon phase. It's sort of funny. I can't say what you said. But I'll tell you this-- I think that's the goal of an artist. I also think that history has a way of making sure that anything that's any good sticks around. Good art doesn't really have an expiration date on it.

Author Anne Enright discusses life after the Man Booker prize with the Times.

Snarkerati lists the top 70 vampire films of all time.

Author Neil Gaiman talks to the Independent.

On the morning of this interview he had been a guest on BBC Radio 3. "On one side of me is an Oxford professor of English and on the other is Bernard Malamud's biographer. I'm being taken seriously on a level that would have been inconceivable for someone who wrote comics, children's stories and fantasies to have been taken seriously 15 years ago. It simply wouldn't have happened. Not only am I there but they are perfectly accepting of all of those hats that I wear; the comic thing is cool and exciting and hip and the graphic novels are in and they're great. They have been in and great long enough that now people are regarding them as part of the literary landscape and not as a novelty."

Newsday covers this year's CMJ Music Marathon, and lists 5 bands who "broke out" at the music festival.

Yahoo! Picks interviews one of my favorite bloggers, Maud Newton.

How would you sum up the effect of lit-blogging in the world of traditional publishing and writing?

I don’t think it’s possible to generalize about the effect of book blogs. They’re a different, more immediate, more flexible medium for discussion about books, with all the positives and negatives inherent in that kind of immediacy and flexibility.

USA Today profiles singer-songwriter Leslie Feist.

The New York Times interviews artist Marjane Satrapi.

Do you think cartoonists have received their artistic due?

No. People either like to write or they like to draw. And we like to do both. We’re like the bisexuals of the culture. People don’t have any problem if you are a homosexual or if you are a heterosexual, but if you are a bisexual, they have more of a problem with you.

Neurologist Oliver Sacks talks to NPR's All Things Considered about his new book, Musicophilia, and shares an excerpt from the book.

Lullabyes is sharing mp3s of a recent live performance by singer-songwriter Doug Burr.

Drowned in Sound has redesigned its site, with new user features.

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