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November 30, 2007

Bittorrent Brunch (Stars, Amiina, and more)

Amiina: 2007-10-18, Koln [flac]*
other Amiina music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Ani DiFranco: 2007-09-22, Chicago [flac]
other Ani DiFranco music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Arctic Monkeys: 2006-03-15, Hollywood [ntsc dvd]*
other Arctic Monkeys music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Elvis Costello: 1978-10-18, New Brunswick [flac]*
other Elvis Costello music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Iron & Wine: 2007-11-29, KCRW [flac]*
other Iron and Wine music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Lucinda Williams: 1993-04-24, Miami [flac]*
Lucinda Williams: 1991-08-09, Santa Monica [flac]*
other Lucinda Williams music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Neil Young: 1996-08-28, Noblesville [flac]*
other Neil Young music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Pavement: 1992-11-21, Cologne [flac]*
other Pavement music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Stars: 2007-11-24, Winnipeg [flac]*
other Stars music blog posts: @lhb @hype

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