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November 9, 2007


Popmatters examines the history of hip hop on television.

The Idaho Statesman interviews Grace Potter.

Your songwriting on this latest CD is story-driven. On the last track, "Big White Gate," you talk about being a bad mom, having had three children with three different men. ...

That's about my grandmother, actually. This record was a much more narrative record for me. It's not all true. There's a little bit of fiction in there to spruce it up a little. But all the songs are personal in some way or another. Without sounding too Faith Hill-y, like (goes into phony voice), "This is my most personal record ever. I really dug deep for this one." No. No. No. That's not what I'm saying. But I am telling more of my own truth this time around.

Saul Williams has written an open letter to Oprah Winfrey on his MySpace blog.

The Guardian profiles Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft.

Richard Ashcroft, who is fronting the Verve for the first time in nine years, embodies the notion that if you aim for the stars you'll at least hit the ceiling. Born in Wigan into a working-class family, he has hauled himself to the top of rock through herculean self-belief. The Verve's 1997 Urban Hymns was the fifth fastest selling British album ever on release and it remains one of the landmark 90s British rock albums.

LA.CityZine lists the top ten classic horror films.

Harp lists ten things you didn't know about singer-songwriter Chuck Prophet.

Drowned in Sound is holding a reader poll o choose 2007 albums of the year.

Rolling Stone test drives Amazon's new mp3 store.

LiveDaily interviews Decemberists bassist Nate Query.

Hold Steady guitarist Tad Kubler gives the Colorado Springs Independent his reaction to the label "bar band."

"It's funny because it really depends on the user in applying that term," he says. "It's a very inclusive thing that we do, and the audience is very much a part of the performance. I think some people have also used it, on the contrary, to maybe suggest we're ... not [that] sophisticated. By referring to us as a bar band, it's like [saying], "These guys really aren't sophisticated players, their songs are simple,' or something like that. But I think anybody that knows us or has actually sat down and listened to our music — I don't think they would use "bar band' as a term to describe us in that particular way."

Idolator pointed out an editorial at the Guardian critical of mp3 blogs.

Slate interviews Junot Diaz, author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

Slate: What drew you to the character of Oscar, a fat, nerdy kid from New Jersey?

Díaz: It's hard to remember precisely. Been 11 years since I started the book. I know I wanted to challenge the type of protagonist that many of the young male Latino writers I knew were writing. But I also wanted to screw with traditional Dominican masculinity, write about one of its weirder out-riders. And then there was just the fact of Oscar, this kid who I could not get out of my head, whom I felt strongly attached to because he was such a devoted reader and because he had this imagination that no one had any use for, but which gave him so much enjoyment and sense of purpose.

Mashable lists 25 tools for the independent musician.

NPR's All Things Considered examines Iranians' reactions to Marjane Satrapi's film adaptation of her biographical graphic novel, Persepolis.

Cooking with Rockstars features singer-songwriter Luke Temple.

Minnesota Public Radio's The Current features an in-studio performance by the Owls.

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