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November 16, 2007


Yesterday's additions to the constantly updated master list of online 2007 music lists:

The Berg Sans Nipple (top driving albums)
Calmsong (best albums)
Columbia College Chicago's Reservoir (overlooked albums)
Craig Werdren (top albums)
Decomposing Trees (top albums)
Echoes (best album, readers poll)
Electrorash (top Australia/New Zealand bands)
Eyewear (top albums)
faux punk/gentleman dude (top albums)
Figmento (best albums)
The Figurehead (top albums)
The Global Progressive (top albums, readers poll)
Gold Soundz (top albums)
History of Rock Music (best rock albums)
Metacritic (best albums)
The Music Box (best albums, box sets, reissues, live albums, documentaries)
Never Learned to Swim (top albums)
New Music Nation (top albums) (best albums)
Popwatch (best albums, readers' lists)
Pour Out (favorite albums)
Q magazine (best album)
Rough Trade (top albums)
Ryan's Smashing Life (best albums)
Sixeyes (album of the year)
Smokes Quantity (top singles)
Stylus (top reissues)

In the Jewish Journal, Sarah Silverman's sister Susan examines the actress's youth.

Sarah's ear-length, jet-black hair and pale skin emphasized her big brown eyes, and she smiled so that every tiny tooth sparkled. Who wouldn't laugh when this beautiful toddler -- all eyes and smiles -- swore like a longshoreman? A recipe for success? Our mother didn't seem to think so. She rolled her eyes in mock disapproval as our father beamed. We, her big sisters, couldn't believe our luck -- this juxtaposition of adorable and crude. It was genius. We couldn't get enough of it.

Former Human League singer Phil Oakey talks to the Bolton News.

And there is one group of people in particular who Phil feels the band have an affinity with.

"We actually looked quite gothy in those days," he says. "It's funny - the people that we're most like now is the emos. And y'know, we would have fitted perfectly amongst those - even down to the makeup come to think of it."

Dean Ween talks to the Edmonton Sun about humor in the band's music.

"The humour part of Ween is really kind of insignificant. Not all of it's funny. Not even half of it is funny. Music itself can be funny, with no lyrics. You know what I mean?"

Kansas City's Pitch interviews two members of Art Brut.

SS: If you could record a song with any musician living or dead who would it be?

Argos: Jonathon Richman! I would like an excuse to speak with him and become his friend. In my head thats how it would work. "Hey Jonathan, let's do a song together." Then we would become best friends"

Jasper Future: I'm trying to think of something funny ... Let's see ... I would like to record with Simon LeBon. [Laughing] I love Duran Duran.

T-shirt of the day: "I'm a noob."

Newsday lists 20 movies to see this holiday season.

The Boston Globe profiles a new musical written by graphic novelist Ben Katchor.

Quirky comic-strip illustrations mix with an indie-rock sound for a musical about book collectors. Say what?

"It does bring together some really odd sensibilities," says award-winning graphic novelist Ben Katchor, who's teamed with former Miracle Legion lead singer and composer Mark Mulcahy for "The Rosenbach Company." "But I think that's part of its appeal."

Dr. Oliver Sacks talks to the Independent about his latest book, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain.

NPR's Fresh Air interviews golfer John Daly about his recently published golf book, Golf My Own Damn Way: A Real Guy's Guide to Chopping Ten Strokes Off Your Score.

Drowned in Sound interviews singer-songwriter Simon Joyner.

Considering your cult status, you could easily be more commercially successful, but you've been quoted as being happy to stay under radar. Is this something you do on principle, or are you just content to not 'go for it', as it were?

Kind of a mix of both reasons, I think. I really love writing and performing but I prefer to sleep in my own bed so the idea of living out of a van or bus all the time is not very enticing. I'm fortunate to sell enough records to be able to continue making them without having to go on the road to promote them extensively. I do intend to make more short trips though. I have always shunned touring but what I really need to do is play for two weeks at a time and go out every few months so I can have the best of both worlds. It doesn't have to be an either/or decision. Still, I'm happy remaining under the radar. It's a perfect place to be if you want to keep control of your life and your art.

New York magazine's The List blog lists the ten video games tat should be movies, as well as the directors who should make them.

live performance mp3 downloads at music blogs:

Arizona's WOXY Lounge act session at the Futurist
Cadence Weapon at Lullabyes
a 1981 Johnny Cash performance at the Ultimate Bootleg Experience
The New Sound of Numbers at Southern Shelter

The PLUG Awards has nominated Largehearted Boy for music blog of the year. lists the top 5 Christmas rap albums.

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