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November 20, 2007


Yesterday's additions to the constantly updated master list of online 2007 music lists:

catproblems (favorite albums, biggest letdowns)
Comfy in Nautica (best albums)
Everything Flows (favorite albums)
Gracious Days (best western albums)
Of Figs & Mint (favorite albums)
The Port Sunshine (top albums)
Random Thoughts (top metal albums)
Year of Glad (albums)

Threadless is holding its annual $10 holiday t-shirt sale and has added twelve new designs this week.

The Q Daily lists alternative Christmas songs.

Paste offers tourdates for singer-songwriter Aimee Mann's second annual holiday tour.

Relix interviews singer-songwriter Josh Ritter.

Can you talk about The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter’s title?

Does it refer to a personal conquest or more global conquests?

That’s really it. The world is in a crazy place right now, I mean it always is but it certainly is a surreal time to be around it. I definitely have been thinking what the idea of the conquest means… writing about that stuff is good to reflect it.

I just love playing. It’s like, I just wanted the biggest, most absurd title I could come up with. But mostly there aren’t a lot of people that really get a chance to make a living making music. So any, every, any show that you can do, walk away from happy.

Todd Haynes talks to the Oregonian about his Bob Dylan biopic, I'm Not There.

"He really is about all of these absolutely total commitments to this era or that or the musical or the political landscape," Haynes says. "Or not. And the fact that he didn't stay in any of them and continued to redefine himself that has created this sense of the elusive mystery man. In many ways the film has the misshape of a life that has detours and oppositions and diversions and self-betrayals and denials and all the things that we all do to get through life."

Boston's Phoenix examines the ned for copyright reformin the digital age.

The New York Times reviews Dr. Oliver Sacks' new book, Musicophilia, and offers an mp3 excerpt from the book.

Indeed, this volume makes a powerful case for the benefits of music therapy. In Dr. Sacks’ view, music can aid aphasics and patients with parkinsonism, and it can help orient and anchor patients with advanced dementia because “musical perception, musical sensibility, musical emotion and musical memory can survive long after other forms of memory have disappeared.”

Popmatters kicked off its 2007 holiday gift guide.

The Telegraph offers a primer on making money by selling first editions of books.

Simpsons composer Alf Clausen talks to Popmatters.

“When we celebrated the 350th episode mark, [creator] Matt Groening came out in the press and he says, ‘Well, I think we’re halfway there.’ There are no plans to call it quits at all because the ratings are still great. As long as the writers can keep coming up with interesting stories and as long as we can continue to rise to the level that we’re expected to be at, then we’re going for the whole thing. We’re going for gold.”

The Wall Street Journal previews's new eBook reader, the Kindle.

Like others to enter the field, Amazon is placing a bold bet readers will warm to the idea of reading long-form works on a display screen instead of paper. The Kindle has a display from E Ink Corp. -- the same technology used by Sony's Reader -- that requires no backlight and provides an experience that is akin to reading on paper -- even in direct sunlight. Another advantage for aging readers is that users can boost the type size of their reading material.

Suburban Sprawl Music is sharing five years of holiday compilations with free mp3 downloads of individual tracks.

Drowned in Sound interviews Le Loup's Sam Simkoff.

Parts of the album sound very melancholic, were you going through a rough time when were making it?

Getting out of college was incredibly disturbing to me. Leaving school with no inkling of what you want to do, what you want to be, where you want to go, having no rudder at all is not a pleasant feeling. I've always filtered the world through music, and when I get anxious, that's just kind of how I deal with things - condense it down into a form I can understand. That tends to produce some pretty heavy-handed stuff.

No Love for Ned's weekly internet radio show features an in-studio performance by Billy Sugarfix.

The Futurist features a couple of mp3s from the Forms' recent WOXY Lounge Act performance.

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