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November 25, 2007


Yesterday's additions to the constantly updated master list of online 2007 music lists:

Bandwagon (top albums)
Boomkat Campaign (best albums) (fave albums)
The Fire Note (2007 releases)
Jet Set de ruelle (top albums)
Oh, Warfair & Therapy (top songs)
A Salty Salute (best albums)
Sketches from Memory (top albums)

The Baltimore Sun examines the record industry's push towards louder CDs and their effect on listeners.

"The level of compact discs went up about 20 decibels in 20 years," observed Bob Katz, chief mastering engineer of Digital Domain, a sound studio in Florida.

To make this happen, engineers filter out the normal peaks and valleys of musical performances - and boost the volume of everything between. The technique also shows up in TV commercials that are much noisier than the programs they sponsor.

The Seattle Times interviews actor Chris Elliott about his new novel, Into Hot Air.

Q: Well then, since you're a "man of letters," shouldn't you be wearing an ascot and smoking jacket for this interview?

A: People always find it amusing that I'm called an author now. And actually I find it amusing. That's why I put the word "novel" in quotes on the book.

The Los Angeles Times reviews Ha Jin's latest novel, A Free Life.

Ultimately, Ha Jin's deeply felt, encompassing and slowly percolating novel of one man's evolution and emancipation is a meditation on what makes a free life, and on why honesty and art matter.

The Observer has authors name the best book they have read all year (part two of the article).

Michael Chabon

Against the Day (Vintage) by Thomas Pynchon: sentence for sentence, scene for scene, idea for idea, it gave me more pure reading pleasure than any book I've read in the past few years. I only wished it were a thousand pages longer.

The Observer offers an "A-to-Zep" glossary of Led Zeppelin.

In the New York Times, Motoko Rich delves into why we read.

The Times Online interviews singer-songwriter Annie Clark of St. Vincent.

The Washington Post examines the growing popularity of "chick lit" in India.

That Truncheon Thing continues its Classic Booteg Series with an mp3 download of Led Zeppelin's complete BBC sessions (part 1 of 2).

Best books of 2007 lists:

Fiction & non-fiction highlights (American Booksellers Association)
Best illustrated children's books (New York Times)
The Oregonian (Steve Duin) (favorite books)

The Guardian lists albums readers suggested as additions to their list of 1000 albums to hear before you die.

Lullabyes features an mp3 download of a recent show by Northern State.

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