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December 11, 2007

Daily Downloads (Pattern Is Movement, Terrordactyls (with Kimya Dawson), and more)

Die! Die! Die!: "Sideways Here We Come" [mp3] from Promises Promises (out February 12th)
other Die! Die! Die! music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad: 2007-12-08, Baltimore [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Da Vinci Blues" [mp3]
other Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Frightened Rabbit: "It's Christmas So We'll Stop" [mp3]
other Frightened Rabbit music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Pattern Is Movement: "Right Away" [mp3] from All Together (out April 1st)
other Pattern Is Movement music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Ryan Adams: 2005-05-21, Washington [mp3,ogg,flac]
"September" [mp3]
Ryan Adams: 2007-05-17, Boston [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Hardest Part" [mp3]
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Terrordactyls: "Devices (featuring Kimya Dawson)" [mp3] from The Terrordactyls
Terrordactyls: "Fall" [mp3] from The Terrordactyls
Terrordactyls: "Landscapes and Heartaches (Christmas song)" [mp3]
other Terrordactyls music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Vic Chesnutt: 2007-10-18, Athens [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Aunt Avis" [mp3]
other Vic Chesnutt music blog posts: @lhb @hype

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