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December 5, 2007


Yesterday's additions to the constantly updated master list of online 2007 music lists:

Allan's World Music (top albums)
Aquarium Drunkard (albums)
Bullet Points (worst hit songs)
Dave Hill (best albums)
extrawack! (top albums)
fastnbulbous (top reissues)
Greg Davis (music) (top albums)
Idolator (top singles)
KCRW - Jeremy Sole (top albums)
KCRW - Morgan Rhodes (top albums)
The Kentucky Kernel (top albums)
Largehearted Boy (favorite albums)
Little Boys' Choir (best non-album albums)
Live from the Russian Compound (top albums) (top music books)
Mix Me a Molotov (top albums)
MTV - Bigger Than the Sound (best songs)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (top live shows)
Music Sucks (best local/unsigned bands, hip hop albums, EPs)
MusicWarship - RubberSoul (best albums)
Piccadilly Records (albums)
Piccadilly Records (compilations)
Piccadilly Records (reissues)
Playlouder (top albums)
Skatterbrain (top albums)
Speakers Push Air (top albums)
Tanner McCuin (music)
Torr (favorite albums)
Uncommon Chords (best albums)
Western Carolina University Gazette (best albums)
WXPN (top kids' albums)
your heart swells and rains blood (favorite albums)

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The Washington Post lists 16 gift cookbooks "worth staining."

Richmond's Style Weekly profiles singer -songwriter Justin Townes Earle, the son of Steve Earle.

NIU's Northern Star lists great studying albums for finals week.

Merry Swankster predicts what album various magazines and music websites will name best of the year.

The Minneapolis City Pages profiles the Hold Steady, and offers a timeline for the band.

In this month's Esquire, Chuck Klosterman wonders if "music a person listens to reveals many truths about that person."

Billboard has news of the new Breeders album, Mountain Battles, due April 8th.

Village Voice writers choose their favorite books of the year.

The Times Online lists the 100 top films of 2007.

JamBase interviews singer-songwriter Josh Ritter about his literary influences.

I read that you mentioned writers such as Paul Auster and Raymond Carver, as well as Christopher Hitchens and Thomas Ricks as influences. How do writers of fiction versus writers of current events influence you?

Josh Ritter by Doug Rice
Every idea we put in our head influences us. I don't think I've picked up a book in ten years without hoping that it wouldn't push me towards a song. If you're pouring in ingredients you're going to make something. Sitting down and writing a song about [Thomas E.] Ricks' Fiasco [The American Military Adventure in Iraq] would be kind of backwards for me. You have to pour it out and mix that in with whatever else. It works best if you don't lend yourself into a specific style or genre. You move all over and all those things mix up.

Zagat recommends 25 books for the foodie on your gift list, and the Newark Star-Ledger offers gift book suggestions for art lovers.

Q What's been the biggest thrill since you were rediscovered and started recording again four years ago?

A I had the opportunity to do the [Detroit International Jazz] Festival in Detroit, which is home, in September. And I was on the front page of all the papers. There were boyfriends there whose stomachs were actually hanging over the fence and boyfriends with two teeth and boyfriends with no hair. And girlfriends who used to chase me down and beat me up, who looked like old men. Ha-ha-ha. That was thrilling. And my grandson was there with all his frat brothers and they were all "I can't believe this is your grandmother." That was absolutely thrilling.

BookFox lists the best short fiction collections of the year.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune interviews R&B legend Bettye LaVette.

The Globe and Mail lists its 100 books of the year.

Blender lists the 28 most recognizable guitars.

NPR's music site has a section devoted to winter holiday music.

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