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December 8, 2007


Notable additions to the master list of online 2007 music lists include Pitchfork's year in music photography (which includes several photos by the immensely talented Kathryn Yu), Hero Hill's list of best Canadian albums, and nialler9's list of favorite songs. The most unique new list comes from Andrew Taylor Recommends, who uses Big Mac ingredients as metaphors for the year's best releases.

All yesterday's additions to the constantly updated master list of online 2007 music lists:

17 Seconds (favorite songs)
All Songs Considered (songs)
Andrew Taylor Recommends (top albums)
Audio Deficit Disorder (best album art)
Audio Deficit Disorder (best music videos)
Audio Deficit Disorder (best songs)
Chewy's Matters of Music (must hear tracks)
Christian Music Central (best albums)
Clash Music (best albums)
Connect the Dots (top albums)
Distorte (top albums)
Eric F. Savage (unintentionally best albums)
Faronheit (worst albums)
Feedback and Distortion (top albums)
Folk Alley - Ann VanWiebe (top album)
Folk Alley - Chris Boros (top albums)
Folk Alley - Linda Fahey (top albums)
Hero Hill (top Canadian albums)
I Hate Congress (top albums)
Indie Waves (top albums)
Motel de Moka (top albums)
MP3 Wox News! (best albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (top music videos)
nialler9 (favorite songs)
Out the Other (favorite songs)
picklehammer (top albums)
Pitchfork (music photography)
Plastic Surprises (top albums)
Ray Bradbury's Love-Camel (disappointing albums)
Riley Rock Index (best albums)
Roadrunner Records (top albums)
Sentient Developments (best albums)
Snob's Music (disappointing albums)
Southcoasting (top albums)
Things I'd Rather Be Doing (best albums)
The University of Calgary Gauntlet (best albums)
University of Calgary Gauntlet (overlooked albums)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution lists gifts for the comics lover. One thing on the list I am giving is the graphic novel The Complete Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi.

MP# Newswire lists the digital media winners and losers of the year.

Cartoonist Craig Thompson, author of Blankets, talks to the Oregonian about his Grammy nomination (for the album art on Menomena's Friend and Foe).

Q. How did you hook up with Menomena?
A. We're buddies, but before we were buddies, their original label, FILMguerrero, run by John Askew, had recorded a soundtrack for one of my graphic novels, and the band Tracker and came up with this composition, to do an instrumental soundtrack inspired by the book. We did a couple shows together, (and) one I did at Nocturnal, where I drew onstage with Tracker and Menomena, being the biggest band on the label at the time, was the headliner. That's where we originally met and become friends.

The Fiery Furnaces' Eleanor Friedberger talks to the Boston Herald.

Under Matthew’s musical direction, the Furnaces’ quirky, neo-psychedelic music has caused a stir on the artsy college scene for the past five years. But for an album-oriented band, selling progressive music to the singles-driven iTunes throng presents a challenge.

“It’s getting really scary, and it makes me wonder how long we’ll be able to keep doing this,” Friedberger said. “Our only source of income is from touring.”

The Age profiles "geek god" singer-songwriters Ben Lee and Gotye, and draws parallels to the Mountain Goats' John Darnielle.

Internationally, parallels can be found in the recent successes of uber-nerdy American songwriter John Darnielle, a classics scholar whose songs reference ancient philosophers and Incan gods.

In the early '90s, Darnielle began recording as the Mountain Goats for obscure cassette labels, but these days works with prestigious British imprint 4AD and sells out almost every show he plays in Australia. The look on his bespectacled face as he stares out over a crowd of adoring young fans can only be described as "sweet revenge".

Southern Shelter is sharing mp3s of Dinosaur Jr.'s recent SAtens performance.

At Salon, Simon Reynolds examines the demise of Britpop.

The Daily Mail offers an "A to Zep(pelin) guide to Led Zeppelin.

10 Zen Monkeys lists the "top ten pillars of Led Zeppelin mythology."

The Montreal Gazette lists the best cookbooks of 2007.

The Montreal Gazette examines increased rates of hearing loss among musicians and music fans.

Marshall Chasin, director of auditory research at the Musicians Clinics of Canada in Toronto, said nine out of 10 musicians he sees - who have been referred after experiencing other problems, like back injuries - have the beginnings of a noise-or music-induced hearing loss. Many are classical musicians, he said, "but we see rockers anywhere between their teens and their 80s. And we see as many music listeners as music players."

The Telegraph examines the internet's transformation of the music industry.

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy talks to the Chicago Sun-Times about his band's last two albums.

‘‘You could simplify ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ into somebody trying to make sense of what the world looks like outside, but really just talking to themselves about what that looks like — things like cash machines and all that,’’ he says. ‘‘’Ghost’ is more of an existential crisis, looking inside and trying to figure out what exactly it is you can say about yourself and how you can define yourself. This record is much more looking over and going: ‘Oh, you were listening? Well come over and sit down.’ ’’

The Montreal Gazette interviews author Dave Eggers.

Gazette: But you've built a really amazing circle around yourself, haven't you? You have some really remarkable people (to draw upon, like Michael Chabon, Daniel Handler, David Byrne, Zadie Smith, Sarah Vowell, Ira Glass, etc.).

Eggers: Well, I feel like I've gone to other people, too. Nick Hornby was the first one I knew to do a benefit book and he edited a book called (Speaking With the Angel, for Britain's Treehouse educational centre for kids with autism) ... and I thought wow, that is brilliant. I donated a story, everyone donated a story, it sold really well. It brought attention to that school. It raised a lot of money, and then the reader gets to participate in that non-profit, too, so it's just great all around. And we've just borrowed that idea wholesale and we've done, I think, eight benefit books so far. The newest one is by Zadie Smith (The Book of Other People, published by Penguin); it comes out in a few months. Very much like Nick's book. And Jeffrey Eugenides is doing one that comes out in a few months (My Mistress's Sparrow is Dead, published by HarperCollins); that benefits 826 Chicago.

Ex Libris is offering a Russian Reading Challenge for 2008 (count me in for the minimum of four books).

The original 1966 Batmobile has its own website.

Director Joe Wright talks to NPR's All Things Considered about adapting Ian McEwan's novel, Atonement, for the big screen.

The University of Calgary's Gauntlet lists the top 10 films of the year.

KPLU lists five outstanding jazz holiday albums.

NPR's Weekend Edition offers a CD gift guide.

Aquarium Drunkard, purevolume, and Sixeyes share holiday mixes.

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