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December 18, 2007


Thanks to Whitney Matheson at USA Today's Pop Candy, who listed me as one of her favorite 100 people of 2007.

The Dallas Morning News interviews Frames frontman Glen Hansard (who also stars in the film Once, which is released today on DVD).

So what do you think it is about the film that audiences latched on to?

The one thing that people have said is that they just believed in the two characters. I know from my point of view, the first and only thing that really matters to me in any film is if I believe the characters. If I believe the characters, then I'll take the ride and go through it.

Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos talks fame with the Brisbane Times.

But, he says, "the bands I like aren't really successful. I like the Mountain Goats. And we're already more successful than that. "The sort of success I'm after is to be able to meet my favourite bands. That's how I measure our success. That way, we're wildly successful."

The Globe and Mail lists essential covers of Neil Young songs.

The New York Daily News recaps 2007 in music with a simple "hot" or "not" rating system.

The New York Post lists the 12 albums of Christmas.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer says goodbye to the city's Crocodile Cafe.

In the annual list I have grown to love, Said the Gramophone lists its favorite 50 songs of the year, with accompanying mp3 downloads. lists the best novels of the century (so far).

Drowned in Sound interviews members of Glasgow's Frightened Rabbit.

Looking at several acclaimed Scottish acts of the past few years – Urusei Yatsura, Eska, The Yummy Fur for example – all have their roots steeped in the lo-fi aesthetic of recording. Did this influence your approach towards how Sing The Greys sounded?

Scott: No not at all. The only reason it sounds lo-fi is because we couldn’t afford it to sound any different at the time. We couldn’t afford to record it in a lavish studio with a renowned producer, so we just had to do the best we could with what little cash we had.

The National Post's Ampersand lists actors who have attempted music careers,

The Book Standard recaps the year in book publishing.

E! Online has authors (including Largehearted Boy Book Notes contributors Gayle Brandeis, Tao Lin, Janet Fitch, Andrea Seigel, and Laila Lalami) recommend books from 2007.

Author Jonathan Lethem recounts his dietary week for New York magazine's Grub Street blog.

In the morning I had this German pumpernickel bread with muesli baked into it, fresh papaya, yogurt with cereal in it, and coffee. I was very impressed with myself. I sound extremely healthful, like I’m some kind of Zen purist. By dinner I’m in the Caligula phase.

Paper Thin Walls has posted a two-CD mixtape of the best songs of 2007, complete with online commentary for each song.

The Futurist recaps Eat Sugar's recent WOXY Lounge Act performance, complete with downloadable mp3s.

With Persepolis in theaters now, lists three other graphic novels that would lend themselves to film adaptations.

Drowned in Sound interviews Tim Kasher of the Good Life and Cursive.

Because of the concept-led nature of The Good Life's records, do you feel like you restrict yourself from writing different songs?

Yeah, I think about that often. I think that the song 'Heartbroke' is such an unabashed pop song. The whole process of that song was that I was in the back room of a Cursive tour, and it was something to pass the time, almost. I never really thought much of it, but then I thought, "Why not pursue something like that? It's only a practise anyway…". My point is that I don't really think it fits on the record (laughs), but then there's a conflict. We felt like it was one of the best songs we had in the band, so how can you not put on the record? Because it's not appropriate to the whole overarching sound. So we put it in for the reasons you're talking about, which is to be careful you don't restrict yourself too much, I guess.

At NPR's All Things Considered, Georgie James takes the "Project Son" challenge and writes (and records) a song in two days.

Sounds Familyre is offering a downloadable holiday album.

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