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December 20, 2007


The Philadelphia Inquirer's Dan DeLuca offers a Christmas mix of songs released or reissued in 2007.

Creative Loafing profiles Hope for Agoldensummer.

More than just an indie-rock band with folk leanings, Hope for Agoldensummer is a multidisciplinary art project. It's a brand for both music with intellectual ambitions and common household goods, including soap, lip gloss, pocket knives, T-shirts and coffee purchased from a feminist farming cooperative in Peru. Campbell says she used to make ceramic dishes, too, but they would break when she took them on the road.

The Detroit Free Press lists the 2008 Michigan Notable Books.

Litblog The Millions is gathering author and blogger contributions to its A Year in Reading Series. Today I talk about the one book that changed my life (apologies to A.M. Homes), Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma.

The Futurist recaps the WOXY Lounge Act performance by the Buffalo Killers.

Fimoculous lists the best blogs of 2007 you (maybe) aren't reading.

Rotten Tomatoes interviews cartoonist/filmmaker Marjane Satrapi about her film (and book series) Persepolis.

Which was more difficult: Approaching your youth for the graphic novel, or approaching it again for the movie?

Marjane Satrapi: It's different difficulties. To start with, you should never forget this is not a documentary about my life. The [process] of storytelling should not be forgotten. For the memoir, that is my life in 400 pages in comics. So already [I'm choosing] moments that are representative of something, an anecdote that will help someone understand a situation.

Satrapi also talks to the Wall Street Journal.

There is reason to believe that the French-language film, written and directed by Ms. Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud, will be well received in the U.S. The two-volume graphic novel on which it is based -- "Persepolis 1" (2003) and "Persepolis 2" (2004) -- landed to widespread critical acclaim. "In America, it was incredible actually," Ms. Satrapi says. "But that has to do with American culture, you know. People have this something -- that they always give you a chance to express yourself. This is a very good thing about the American culture that I like a lot. They always let you say it."

New York magazine's The Comics Page blog features an excerpt from James Stokoe's graphic novel, Wonton Soup.

Reelz Channel lists the top ten Chicago movies.

WXII lists the most annoying Christmas songs of all time.

ChartAttack interviews Leslie Feist, the magazine's artist of the year.

Perez Hilton has certainly been kind to you this year.

Yeah! When will that dime turn? You know Dragonette? I was having drinks with them in London, which is where they live now. And Dan Kurtz actually produced my very first record in '98. So we're old, old friends. So I went out for a drink with him and Martina [Sorbara] and they had some friend there and we're all just hanging out. And after about an hour I said to the friend, "Hey, what do you do?" And he said, "Oh, well, I have this blog, this gossip blog." And he asks me what I do and I say, "I'm a singer, I've got some records out." I didn't know who he was from a hole in the ground. I'd never heard his name before and he had never heard mine. But the next day, I heard from about 70,000 people going "Oh my God!" and all of a sudden I understood the context of who this guy with green hair was. And that was Perez Hilton, of course. The next day, he did a blast saying "Check out this girl's video," and that was six months ago. I'm bemused and grateful that stuff is on some people's radar. It's certainly not on mine. But I can understand it means something to someone.

The A.V. Club recaps the year in film.

New York magazine's Apropos of Nothing blog breaks down Pitchfork's top 100 singles of the year with a pie chart.

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