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December 21, 2007


The Bat Segundo Show literary podcast features an interview with author Stewart O'Nan.

The BBC Collective features video of the Fall's Mark E. Smith reading an H.P. Lovecraft short story.

77 Santas closes out its yearly holiday song posts with the top Christmas songs of 2007.

The Guardian asks music industry insiders which bands will make it big in 2008.

AT&T points out its bestselling ringtones of the year,

Cracked lists the ten worst fictional products i pop culture history.

Mediabistro reviews designer/author Chip Kidd's band Artbreaker's live performance.

From our top-secret embedded design/rock critic who tossed more than one undergarment onto the stage, we have the following review:

They are ridiculously good. Think The New Pornographers meet The Cars, with solid Ric Ocasek-quality lyrics. Kidd oozes charisma. The designers here are packed close to the stage and going wild. One young kid asked me where Kidd finds the time for all these creative antics. I told him in all honesty I had no freaking clue.

Variety reports that Lou Reed will be the keynote speaker at SXSW 2008.

LAist lists streaming holiday songs to get you in the (alcoholic) holiday spirit (but left off my favorite, "Daddy Drank All Our Christmas Money").

Singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens talks to the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I enjoyed writing songs but I didn't have any drive to perform them," he says. "I have so few natural performing skills that I have to challenge myself to generate an approach to playing live. I don't have good dance skills, for instance, and I don't have a demonstrative voice. The tone of my singing is actually pretty inward, quiet, and I'm not an extrovert as a performer. I think I am an extrovert as a person but I think it's a real fun challenge to try to embody the role of a performer."

Entertainment Weekly lists the best fiction, nonfiction and worst books of the year.

rbally is back (at least temporarily), and is sharing some REM fanclub Christmas tracks.

indieWIRE interviews cartoonist Marjane Satrapi about the film adaptation of her graphic novel, Persepolis.

iW: Why did you go with animation for this story rather than live-action?

MS: Three reasons: With live-action I think we'd have lost the universal appeal of the story. With live-action, it would have turned into a story of 'the Other' -- people living in a distant land who don't look like us. It might have been exotic, but also a "Third-World" story. The novels have done so well because the drawings are abstract, black-and-white. This adds to the universality of the story. "Persepolis" also has dreamlike moments, and the drawings help maintain cohesion and consistency. Then, too, drawing is the first language of the human being before writing. It's a transcription of how the human being sees reality, not reality itself.

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