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December 11, 2007

Updates to the Master List of Online "Best of 2007" Music Lists

Today's update to the master list of online "best of 2007" music lists include My Old Kentucky Blog's favorite albums, Berkeley Place's top EPs, and the best kids' and family CDs from Zooglobble.

The 9513 (top country albums) (best & worst albums)
Adventures in Tweed (best albums)
Afropop (top albums)
Aloha (favorite albums)
Anthony's World (top albums)
Associated Press - Jake Coyle (top albums)
Atomic Trousers (favorite albums)
Baby, You Git a Stew Goin'! (best albums)
Ben Braman (top albums)
Berkeley Place (best & worst record distribution plans)
Berkeley Place (best EPs)
Bows + Arrows (favorite albums)
Bravewords (best albums)
Communist Dance Party (favorite songs)
crazymonk (top albums)
Culture Bully (top music videos)
Deaf Indie Elephants (favorite albums)
desh79 (top albums)
Ear Farm (top concerts)
Eardrums (best albums)
Elastic Heart (favorite albums)
eMusic (overlooked albums)
eMusic (year in metal)
Eskimo Bliss (best music you didn't hear)
Faronheit (top albums)
Fear of Arthropods (favorite songs)
Geek Down (best albums)
Glide (top albums)
HearYa (best EPs)
I Have a Message... (top albums)
Inconsistently Updated (best albums)
Information Leafblower (albums of the year)
KCRW - Jason Kramer, Mario Cotto and Michael Barnes (best albums)
KCRW - Thomas Golubic (best albums)
The Late Greats (best soundtracks)
The Late Greats (guiltiest pleasures)
le skip (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Evan Rytlewski (best albums)
The Line of Best Fit - Rich Hughes (albums)
Line of Best Fit - Rich Thayne (albums)
Maxim (top albums)
Milwaukee Shepherd Express (best albums)
Muruch (top albums)
Musings of a Meteorologist (albums you haven't heard)
My Old Kentucky Blog (favorite albums)
The Notre Dame Observer (best albums)
PennyDistribution (top albums)
Popmatters (top hip-hop matters)
Popmatters (top jazz albums)
Pretty Goes With Pretty (best albums)
Ray Bradbury's Love-Camel (best oddball classification albums)
Rockland Wonderland (top albums)
Side One: Track One (best albums)
Simon Raymonde (Bella Union)
SMU Daily Campus (best albums)
Soundfix Records (top albums)
Ten Million Pounds of Sludge (top albums)
That Truncheon Thing - Frank (best albums)
This Is a Portal (best albums)
This Is a Portal (best songs)
This Was European (top albums)
Treble (top songs )
ultra8201 (best live performances)
Vibe (top singles)
Zooglobble (best kids and family albums)

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