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December 13, 2007

Updates to the Master List of Online "Best of 2007" Music Lists

Highlights of today's updates to the constantly updated list of online "best of 2007" music lists include the A.V. Club editors' top albums, Berkeley Place's top indie debuts and Pitchfork's top music videos.

The A.V. Club (best albums)
About the Music (top albums)
Adam's World (top albums)
AllMusic (favorite R&B albums)
The Apiary News (top albums)
Asphalt Eden (favorite albums)
The Atheocracy (top albums)
Berkeley Place (top indie debut albums)
Biomusicosophy (best concerts)
Biomusicosophy (best music videos)
Bostas (favourite songs)
CancerMan (top albums)
Central Connecticut State University Recorder (top albums)
chinese restaurant in the forest* (top albums)
Damaged Goods: Everything Must Go (worst albums)
Drinking Liberally in Cincinnati (top albums)
Fact Magazine (best albums)
Filter27 (best albums, compilations, singles)
The Fortynightly (best albums)
Get Over Yourself (top records)
graysky (top albums)
I Love You, Blue Van Meer (top albums)
In League with Paton (favorite tracks)
It Covers the Hilsides (top songs)
iTunes (bestselling songs)
Kevin Eagan (top albums)
King Matthew the Terribly Good (top albums)
KUT (best songs)
The Liberator Magazine - Jon Jon (best Twin Cities albums & songs)
linesthroughlines (top albums)
Lucid Echinopsis Dreams (top albums) - Jeff Hobbs (best albums)
Mediaeater (best albums, songs, EPs, etc.)
Minimill in Minihattan (labels, mix CDs/compilations, albums)
modest_mod (top albums)
Music Snobbery (top new artists)
My Old Kentucky Blog - Dee (best songs)
MSN Music (albums of the year)
My Old Kentucky Blog - John (best albums)
New Dad Balancing Act (top albums)
NME (albums & songs)
NPR (year in holiday CDs)
Off the Record - Sandra (best albums)
Pitchfork (top music videos)
Popmatters (best R&B)
Popmatters (best singer-songwriter albums)
Pretending Life Is Like A Song (albums of the year)
Salt Blog (favorite albums)
San Francisco Chronicle (best music)
Semeiotikos (best albums)
Soundscapes (best albums)
Stay Classy Dallas (top albums)
Stranded in Stereo - S. Ober & J. Montgomery (top albums)
To Die By Your Side (best albums)
Tornado Slide (music)
University of Wisconsin Daily Cardinal (top albums)
We Saw a Chicken (best albums)
Who Killed the Mixtape? (best albums)
WXPN (top blues albums)
Yelling About Music (top songs)

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