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January 1, 2008


The Toronto Star examines Radiohead's decision to release its latest album on MapleMusic in Canada.

"Everyone was fighting to get this thing, but the band and their management wanted to be on a boutique label where they'd get lots of attention and any time they called, they could talk to the different people taking care of their product."

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review lists the arts & entertainment stories of the year.

T-shirt of the day: "The League of Cliche Evil Super-Villains"

Stereogum offers mashups of the year's top singles.

SFist lists the 2008 albums it is looking forward to in 2008.

The Nation lists the most valuable progressives of 2007, including a couple of music choices.

Most Valuable Political Song: "GOD BLESS AMERICA" by JAMES McMURTRY. Written on the cusp of 2006/2007 and circulated on the internet ( over the past year, no song caught the zeitgeist better than this one – except perhaps McMurtry's previous take on oil wars and the fundamentalisms of Bible-thumping Christians and Weekly Standard-thumping neo-cons. Every McMurtry song has a million-dollar stanzy; in this one it's: "You keep talking that shit like I never heard/ Hush, little President, don't say a word/ When the rapture comes and the angels sing/ God's gonna buy you a diamond ring…" Watch for McMurtry's upcoming album with "God Bless America." It'll be a great send-off for the little President who couldn't.

The Sun makes "bizarre predictions" for music, movies, and people in 2008.

AOL's Political Machine blog names its favorite political song of 2007.

The New York Times wonders the commercial prospects of Radiohead's hard copies of In Rainbows.

Though hailed by critics, the album is seen as an uncertain prospect commercially. That is because the band has declined to say how many copies have been distributed since October, when it diverged from industry custom and offered a digital download of “In Rainbows” for however much fans chose to pay — even nothing. Since then the band’s representatives have described the offering as, among other things, a way of testing whether digital downloads eat into sales of CDs.

Cinema Blend lists the top tunes for a drunk sing-along.

Live Music Blog is back with a new post.

Comic Book Resources has comics creators list their favorite issues and books of 2007.

PLAYBACK:stl offers several year-end lists: graphic novels, comics (plus another comics list),

New York magazine examines the music industry's ongoing war on album leaks and filesharing.

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