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February 2, 2008


Thirsty interviews John Linnell of They Might Be Giants.

Thirsty: They Might Be Giants is releasing a new children’s album called “Here Come the 1,2,3’s”. That’s very exciting. I’m assuming this album has a more of a specific numerical focus?

Linnell: It does, it does. There’s no hiding the fact, it’s a um, you know, the thing is about these – it’s actually a DVD. It’s an album and then there’s a DVD, which, with the same songs, but with videos that go with them. This one, as the previous DVD we made which was called, as you might imagine, “Here Come the A, B, C’s” are sort of, you know, what parent’s, I think, are comforted by - the idea of something you give your kids that is theoretically good for them. That’s the pretext. And whether or not kids actually need to be taught the alphabet or the numbers by learning twenty-five songs on each topic is really anybody’s guess. I think in the past we’ve said about this project, and the one before it, is that they are entertainment disguised as education.

OnMilwaukee interviews singer-songwriter Tim Finn.

OMC: So, when's the Split Enz reunion tour in America?

TF: We get asked this a lot, and there is strong interest and it's possible. But Split Enz moves in geological time frames. Noel Crombie only just got e-mail. I for one would be keen, with New Zealand late March and it's only 15 hours on a plane.

The New York Times reviews Joanna Newsom's two shows with the Brooklyn Philharmonic.

Seeing the music performed brought out its ravishing details. Roadwork has made the songs even more expansive, not just in duration — “Only Skin,” the album’s longest composition, was a minute longer onstage — but in emotionality. Passages that were free-flowing on “Ys” took on a subtle rhythmic pulse. Instrumental cameos became more vivid, the voices of the winds and waters that course through the songs. The orchestra carried the music toward hymn or Orientalia, folk dance or rhapsody.

IGN lists the best songs you didn't hear in 2007.

George Takei (best known as Mr. Sulu on Star Trek) talks to Minnesota Public Radio about the links between science fiction and music.

Clash Music is streaming Hot Chip's new album, Made in the Dark (out February 5th).

Drowned in Sound recaps January's album releases.

WXPN features a live performance by legendary indie rocker Bob Mould.

The San Francisco Chronicle interviews Mould about his latest solo album, The District Line.

Q: You've been all over the place the past few years. What are you looking for?

A: It's always about writing the perfect song or perfect album, and I guess it never happens. When I was into the electronic stuff, I know it was frustrating for longtime fans. After 20 years, not only was I exhausted about sitting in a van, but I also had run out of ways to express thoughts and sounds in my head. Now everything sounds fresh to me again.

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