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February 8, 2008


The Daily Texan interviews Linford Detweiler of Over the Rhine.

Daily Texan: Let's talk about The Trumpet Child. What was the inspiration for the record and what was the plan going into the studio?

Linford Detweiler: We wanted to reference the pre-rock era of American music, and we wanted the arrangements to reflect that era. Also, Karen talked about how she felt we had cornered the market on melancholy and she wanted to see if we could bottle some joy. [laughs] Joy can be elusive for songwriters; it often comes across flat and forced. Sadness and melancholy comes easier than laughs and feels a little more authentic than writing a happy song.

The Chicago Sun-Times suggests a Valentines Day playlist. interviews actress Gina Gershon about her music career.

The Boston Globe interviews Stephin Merritt about the new Magnetic Fields album, Distortion.

Q: Have you heard any feedback from members of the Jesus and Mary Chain since the release of "Distortion"?

A: Have I heard from them? No. I don't think I've actually sent them anything. I would imagine from their perspective this happens all the time, someone comes up with a shrieky record and says, "Ah, ha, ha! I'm the Jesus and Mary Chain. Ha, look at me!" and sends it to the Jesus and Mary Chain. Maybe I'm just imagining that, but people do that to me all the time, so I'm sure they do it to the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Pinback's Rob Crow talks to the Bend Bulletin.

“(Pinback) makes what little money I do make so I can do all the other bands that I do,” Crow said. “It’s the mothership and everything else is a satellite, sort of. Maybe not conceptually or contextually, but as far as being able to do it monetarily, it’s the one.”

Popmatters examines the catalog of Pink Floyd, and sprinkles its analysis with video from the band.

The Deadbolt lists the ten best 2008 summer movie previews.

Synthesis interviews Naoko Yamano of Shonen Knife.

The Telegraph profiles author James Patterson, whose books were borrowed more than anyone else's from British libraries last year.

Patterson, a 60-year-old American former advertising executive, frequently recruits other writers to help him churn out five or six thrillers, romances, mysteries, fantasies, chick lit or children's books each year - he does them all and they all have happy endings. In short, he is a phenomenon.

The Guardian lists the ten most borrowed authors from British libraries.

1. James Patterson (Adults)
2. Jacqueline Wilson (Children)
3. Daisy Meadows (Children)
4. Josephine Cox (Adults)
5. Nora Roberts (Adults)
6. Danielle Steel (Adults)
7. Ian Rankin (Adults)
8. Mick Inkpen (Children)
9. Janet & Allan Ahlberg (Children)
10. Francesca Simon (Children)

Computerworld points out a research paper that measures the influence of blog chatter on album sales.

* When legitimate blog posts exceeded a threshold of 40 before an album’s release, sales were three times the average.
* If the albums blogged about were associated with a major record label, sales increased five-fold.
* When blog activity reached more than 250 posts, sales were six times the average regardless of an association with a major or independent label.
* The number of an artist’s MySpace friends also contributed to higher future sales, but had a weaker correlation than did blog chatter.

The Los Angeles Times profiles Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Feist.

"I think it all starts with her voice, which is just so beautiful," says Lisa Worden, KROQ's music director. The song "1234," Worden says, "is really unique; it sticks out and catches your attention, but there's also something haunting about it. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the iPod commercial obviously put the song in front of a lot of ears. But there have been other songs that Apple has championed that haven't gotten the same response here."

Medill Reports examines the digital audiobook lebding system of Chicago libraries.

To download a book, library patrons must install free OverDrive software on their computers. Then they can browse through more than 3,000 audiobooks: novels, children’s books, health guides and even foreign language tutorials.

The digital audiobooks are borrowed, just like regular books, and can be checked out for three weeks. After three weeks, the files no longer work, essentially “returning” themselves. And like regular library books, only limited copies of the audiobook are available, and waits for some books aren't unusual.

KERO talks to bands to find out how they fight "MySpace glut."

Wayne said that fans nowadays have short attention spans, so Web sites must be simple and sort of interactive playhouses for the mind. “There was a time when a large piece of Oak Tag paper and glitter were the main ingredients to promoting. Nowadays, even band websites went the way of the dinosaur. MySpace has music, and the majority of those who make it, in its palm. In order to swim above the countless bands on MySpace, your profile needs to be a sort of playhouse. Think … a primary level classroom. We want to find the folks with the smallest attention span and get them hooked.”

The National's Matt Berninger talks songwriting with the Brooklyn Paper.

“I look for lyrical inspiration [everywhere],” he said. “I don’t have a process, and it actually takes me quite a long time to write lyrics that aren’t bad. I will steal from wherever I can find it, conversations or eavesdropping on people at a bar. That’s where the most interesting stuff comes from, the awkward little details of normal people talking about something.”

Fingertips offers a master artist list of the "web's best free and legal mp3s."

Drowned in Sound lists five new British musical obsessions.

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