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March 13, 2008


Business Week's Tech Beat blog covers the SXSW panel discussion, “Ad-Supported Music, A New Hope for the Industry?”

One of the most heated discussions came when Rojas argued that music blogs are “a huge force in music right now and in some ways more important than the labels because that is where bands are being broken.”

Mico responded: “Different people want different forms of access but the idea that this is a blog and this is radically different than anything else is bullshit.”

John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats talks to the New York Press about the band's drummer, John Wurster.

“It’s the trio now,” Darnielle says, of the addition of Superchunk drummer John Wurster to the act, which in most previous iterations either comprised Darnielle solo or joined by a bass player, most notably (and recently) Peter Hughes. “It’s a small, lean and tight band. We haven’t thought about anything bigger than that. We haven’t thought about adding a trombone or anything.”

JamBase reviews one of the Mountain Goats' three recent Noise Pop performances.

In fact, resolve and triumph characterized Darnielle's performance on Friday. He began the show with a round of high-fives to the front row, a moment that epitomized the fever pitch enthusiasm of the evening. Though clad in a black suit, Darnielle was anything but somber. He exuded as much joy as one can while singing lyrics like "tell your lawyer to go to hell!" During the title track to Heretic Pride, he sounded positively gleeful as he belted, "And I feel so proud when the reckoning arrives!"

Oregon Public Broadcasting features a streaming in-studio performance by Barton Carroll.

Minnesota Public Radio interviews John Sellers, author of the memoir Perfect from Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life.

see also: Sellers' Largehearted Boy Book Notes essay for the book

Drowned in Sound lists artists to watch at SXSW.

NPR's Morning Edition lists three artists to watch at SXSW.

Madness in Memphis is a music blog that records live performances and shares the resulting mp3s. Recent shows include The Big Sleep, Bill Callahan, and more.

MOG's indiepixie features a video interview with REM's Michael Stipe about Accelerate, the band's new album (out April 1st).

Lullabyes features mp3s of the recent Beach House Good Records in-house performance.

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