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March 18, 2008


Yesterday's additions to the list of 2008 SXSW streaming and downloadable music performances:

MP3 downloads of performances by Walter Meego, Lykke Li, Jens Lekman, She & Him, and My Morning Jacket.

Bittorrent download of a performance by Tia Carrera.

Duke Listens! lists websites featuring spatial interfaces for exploring music.

Booklamp aims to be the Pandora of books, matching reading you might enjoy based on your current literary tastes.

The Line of Best Fit interviews Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Drowned in Sound also interviews Newcombe.

At the Los Angeles Times music blog, Santogold guest blogs her SXSW experience.

I walked back to the hotel with my boyfriend and my friend Paula, feeling really happy with my day. There’s something special about SXSW. Even when I’m way too busy, I always manage to have some of the nicest moments when I’m down here in Austin. What more can you ask for? interviews author Neil Gaiman.

What advice would you give to people who want to leave their jobs and write fantasy books for a living?

First, don’t leave your job. You should write because you like it. Getting into writing because you think it’s going to make you rich is as silly as starting a band as an income source. Maybe two per cent of writers might hit some financial jackpot but the rest need day jobs. For people of a solitary persuasion who can be amused by fountain pen ink colours, it’s a great job but it’s probably not to be recommended for sensible human beings.

The Times Online questions singer-songwriter Lily Allen's credibility as a judge for the literary Orange Prize.

If there is an issue with the Orange Prize this year, it’s that they’ve gone farther down the Celebrity Judge road in choosing Lily Allen.

I don’t know Miss Allen, and have nothing against her personally but, from what I see in the papers, I’m not sure reading is that high on her list of recreations.

The Washington Post's Post I.T. blog asks its readers if they would pay for legal music file sharing.

RIP, Harp magazine.

The Trades reviews the revised and expanded edition of Greg Garret's book Holy Superheroes: Exploring the Sacred in Comics, Graphic Novels and Film.

Holy Superheroes! is an academic foray of the first order into the universe of comic books. And, like most academic forays, it can come off in places as being a bit dry. But, as Bill Cosby used to say when introducing the Fat Albert cartoons, "If you're not careful, you might just learn something." That's certainly the case with this book -- at the very least, you'll be armed with a defense of the hobby that will impress detractors (and parents, although they're not mutually exclusive) with your knowledge.

Popmatters interviews author Jeanette Winterson.

1. The latest book or movie that made you cry?

Waterhorse! That’s the story of a boy in Scotland who finds an egg and when it hatches it grows up to be the Loch Ness Monster, goes back into the Loch, but returns to find its boy. The great thing about this film is that it’s not sentimental or silly. It’s about chance and imagination and what happens when the impossible happens. And it has a proper script, thank god, not some pointless banal phone-text dialogue. I took my godchildren who are 11 and 8, and we all cried.

Minnesota Public Radio profiles Keith Pille's webcomic, Nowhere Band.

Pille's web comic "Nowhere Band" is dedicated to the groups who think they're going somewhere, but haven't yet realized that they're not. It's familiar territory for Pille, full of humor and pathos.

"There's a lot of good drama there as the bottom falls out on their self-esteem," he says.

In Nowhere Band we get thumbnail sketches of what it's like to be in the fictitious indie rock group the Awesome Boys.

T-shirt of the day: anything by Threadless (their spring sale starts today, shirts start at $9)

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