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April 4, 2008

Daily Downloads (Weinland, Drakkar Sauna, and more)

Today's free and legal mp3 downloads:

Drakkar Sauna: "The River of Jordan (Louvin Brothers)" [mp3] from Wars and Tornadoes
other Drakkar Sauna music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Drive-By Truckers: 2008-02-25, Omaha [mp3,ogg,flac]
"18 Wheels of Love" [mp3]
other Drive-By Truckers music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Indian Jewelry: "Swans" [mp3] from
Indian Jewelry: "Temporary Famine Ship" [mp3] from
other Indian Jewelry music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Mekons: 2008-032-15, Leicester [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Memphis, Egypt" [mp3]
other Mekons music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Mike Doughty: 2008-03-31, Carrboro [mp3,ogg,flac]
"27 Jennifers" [mp3]
other Mike Doughty music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Smashing Pumpkins: 1993-09-03, Munich [mp3,ogg,flac]
"Soma" [mp3]
other Smashing Pumpkins music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Sleepercar: "Stumble In" [mp3] from West Texas (out April 22nd)
other Sleepercar music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Temposhark: "Crime" [mp3] from The Invisible Line
other Temposhark music blog posts: @lhb @hype

Weinland: "Sick as a Gun" [mp3] from La Lamentor
other Weinland music blog posts: @lhb @hype

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