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April 22, 2008


The 2008 SXSW live music streams and download page has been updated with:

MP3s of performances by LoveLikeFire, Breeders, MGMT, and Holy F*ck.

Bittorrent downloads of shows by REM and Holy F*ck.

Reuters lists the top ten music acts going green with compost and biodiesel.

The Athens Post interviews singer-songwriter Hayden.

Post: What is going on in the Canadian music scene, where you are from, right now?

Hayden: It’s a very healthy music scene right now in Canada and people are recognizing it around the world, which is nice. Years ago, you had to leave Canada to get recognition, so it’s nice that we can stay. … And the number one genre is indie rock, that’s a big one now for sure … Canada is a good place for musicality and comedy.

The Flat Hat interviews Thao Nguyen about opening for the Ying Yang Twins.

What is your ideal concert?

I really like small clubs. I like to be very intimate with the crowd, but because the music is so personal. I like it when people stand. I know this is demanding, but for the first row, since it’s the only row I can see, if that could be a row filled with people who wanted to be there for us, awesome. Tonight for instance, because there were a lot of Ying Yang Twin fans there and I could see them rolling their eyes and kind of making fun of us. You have to understand, these are the people I look at the whole show.

Neu! interviews members of the Long Blondes.

Your band is often labelled ‘indie’ but there is a definite sense of punk surrounding your music, how do you feel about the current music scene?

To me ‘indie’ and punk is the same thing, it’s all about doing it yourself and having integrity and conviction, keeping it Fugazi. As for the current music scene, I actually think there is quiet an appetite at the moment for unusual music, which is good. If you look at bands like Klaxons are even newer bands like Late Of The Pier or These New Puritains, the music they make is pretty out-there, but they still manage to get a lot of mainstream attention. I noticed this year that there were two albums, M.I.A. & Battles, that were in both Wire & NME’s top 10 albums of the year, which is the first time in ages I can remember that happening, and then this month you’ve had Wire writing about Hot Chip & NME doing a feature about Burial, so there seems to be a lot of crossover between the mainstream and more experimental types of music, which can only be a good thing.

Popmatters examines the Replacements' years at Twin/Tone Records.

That contempt, manifested in a cavalier attitude and basic musical skill, was a way to dismantle the system. With four albums for the independent Minneapolis label Twin/Tone, the Replacements rendered the hierarchies and caste system of the rock world irrelevant by remaking rock ‘n’ roll as an anonymous force: something that anyone could slog and howl through, as long as they were patient with it; something that anyone could make holy one night and destroy the next, as long as they were true to it. Their name alone (as well as their self-deprecating nickname, the Placemats, more commonly shorthanded as the ‘Mats) is an admission of anonymity, merely one of any number of ordinary existences that could be easily substituted for another. The Replacements could have been anybody.

Tobia Wolff talks to NPR's Morning Edition about his latest collection of short fiction, Our Story Begins. An excerpt from the collection is also presented.

The Daily Cross Hatch interviews comics writer Grant Morrison.

io9 wraps up its New York Comic-Con coverage.

Minnesota Public Radio's The Current features Atmosphere with an in-studio interview and performance.

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